Newbie to the XR600 / XR650 Forum

I'm a lurker in the XR250/400 forum but I'm thinking of picking up a SuperMoto'd, street legal (BD kit) XR600. It's an '89 and looks to be in very good shape (still need to go ride it). What I'm wondering is what is the parts situation like for this bike? Will I be able to find parts that I might need?

Thanks in advance

you can find anything you need for that bike without any problem. Honda sold a zillion of the xr600's so parts both OEM and after market are not a problem.

I'll second that. I have a '94 XR600 that I have revived and I have bought almost everything for it from and 90% of it from Rocky Mtn. and I have never had a bad experience with them. I never had to return Anything since they always got it right the first time on 20+ orders. Good Luck and welcome to the big time! Walt

Thanks for the info! Makes me feel a little better. I'll probably check out the bike tomorrow.

Glad to help. I've had so many people help me on this site. If you have any questions about the 600 let me know,Walt

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