Best Muffler for 02 426

Hey people,

Whats the best muffler and price deal for a new muffler?

I blew mine up yesterday, looks like a grenade went off.

Although, I'm not sure why it would self-destruct like that.


I've got a Yoshimura and could only tell a little difference in bottom end power. None of them are cheap, just have to shop around.

Thanks for the reply ---anyone know where I can buy a HotCam?


i also have a yoshi comp ti slipon with a gytr header pipe on it. when i got it, it had a white bros R4 slikp on with the stock header this was one loud pipe, i switched to the yoshi so i had some adjustbility on the sound it made i currently have a 96db insert in it.

Save your clams for suspension work... get a used stocker for next to nothing (relatively) :cry:

I have multiple exhausts(for my 426), and I always prefer the stocker. It is the quietest, and the power is smoother. I just bought a new 2004 yz 450 and plan to keep the stock pipe on there as well. It is just a much more relaxing ride. I ride only MX. spend you money elsewhere. All the pipe comparos show little if any gain in peak power. You are just moving the power around. These bikes make more power than most MX/SX/Outdoor/Trail riders need. Spend the money on supension/gearing/good tires/brakes/stainless lines/different bars and clamps. Get comfortable on the bike and get it to fit your body and riding style before adding more power/moving the power around.

These bikes (450s) are like the ever lasting gob stoppers of horsepower. (and I am an ex ama pro rider-of superbikes!)


When you can ride your bike WFO all the way around the track or the trails you ride, then search for more ponies. :cry:

When you can ride your bike WFO all the way around the track or the trails you ride, then search for more ponies. :cry:

Good advice for a trail rider. If you ride WFO then the stocker is a good pipe.

But for MX if you want bottom end boost for those quick doubles out of a corner, the stocker is not that great. In fact, by comparison to a Thunder Alley, it's a POS.

Get a Thunder Alley for all the bottom end you'll ever need. It's a little loud, but a great bottom end pipe.

Does the Thunder ALLey have any Top end? I still would want to keep or gain a little in top. Or is the Bottom just so damn big you do not notice the top?

Best bottom/mid: Thunder Alley

Best compromise of sound and overall power: Stock

Best Mid/Top: Jemco

I'm leaning towards this muffler, especially since a stock costs over 500 bucks! I'm not to concerned with loud since I rode for 2hrs with a hole in the muffler and it didnt bother me, it did bother my riding partners! HA!


stockers are as close to free as you are going to get. lots of folks buy aftermarket right away and sell their stockers for next to nothin'. ($50-75)

-scoot :cry:

FMF Titanium Series are by far (my opinion) the best.... I've worked with other brands and the FMF stands alone....

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