Electric start XR650R kits available in December!

I found this to be interesting and thought I'd share it with everyone as there may be some interest. This guy does an electric start kit for the XR400 that only adds about 8 pounds and it costs about $1300. If you look at the bottom of the page at the following link, it will say "XR650R Electric Start Kits will be available in December".


what`s another 8 pounds, guess i`ll have to get that aftermarket pipe to save some weight

Hi there I am the ESTART guy. Just wanted to point out the discussion about weight and electric starts. The weight gain is nothing compared to the energy you conserve when you stall your big 4 stroke on the hill in a single track up to your foot pegs and your stuck on this root or rock thats been dug out by 40 other bikes. Think back to the energy you used to move your bike and manipulate it to get around or over the obsticle. And after all of that...... now you got to start the dam thing. ANy one know what the minimum cranking speed to trigger the SCR in an XR650 is???? The reason the XR400 kits is over 1000. dollars( my intial orice target was 999.00)

is because the Stock box wont trigger at the cranking speed of an estart. Up untill I started using the Dynatek box which is plug compatable with the stock XR400 box, the only other option was to hack in a trx box and connector. Incedently any of you guy who have 490 kits the dynatek box will make your starting woes go away.

I'm not sure about what the minimum crank speed to start is but the last time I flooded my 650R,(stock carb), I kicked it so hard the valves floated!

I kicked it so hard the valves floated!
NO S**T...that made me laugh! :)

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