Any experience with the Moose foam tubes?

Does anyone have any experience with the Moose crescent-shaped foam tubes that also use an inner tube? Kind of currious on how they would hold up to dual-sport riding and if they break down on the highway. Here's a link, they're item #14.

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the Moose parts are great prudocts. Being a Moose rider i have used sevral of their products and had great success. I have been using their tubes all season, and they work great. Just keep them lubed up with tire mounting soap. and take them off and re-lube them after 100 or so miles so they dant break down. i have never used for dual sport but i would imagin if you balanced the wheel they should work fine. plus no flats, it does not get better than that.!! :)

I'm getting the impression that these type of items are really for competition use only. Seems like a lot of maintenance is required for the average weekend warrior. I couldnt even imagine having to pull my wheels off three times a week. I'm pretty sure your not suppose to drive over a certain speed and they only last a few miles if you should hit any pavement. I cant comment on the cost but i have a feeling they cant be cheap. I'm going to guess you could buy a lot of hd tubes for what it would cost to run these. Like i said, this is just my impression and would welcome more feedback on the subject.

Hey Slowpoke,

Riding with your old-man is competition! :D I figure I'm going to need all the toys and gizmos just to hang with him. :D Then again I think I figured it out his M/O. :) He takes the new guys on the BRPs through the tough technical stuff first thing in the morning. :D Then late in the day he just happens to find the nice, straight, open-trails. But unfortunately by then the poor BRP rider is too freakin tired from banging off boulders, scraping skids plate on rock shelves, and falling over in the cactus. :D Well, don't you worry, cause I'm not going to be like the last BRP dude with the punchured lung!!! :D I can hang! :D

By the way, when we doing that Death Valley 3-day ride again? :D

That old guy would never plot against you. :D He is just one of those old timers who just lives for trail riding. Those old goats are the ones you have to watch the most. They didnt survive this long without developing an arsenal of all around riding skills. I remember him doing the stuff all my life and he was doing it on bikes that made the BRP look anorexic. Did he mention that his father still rides? He use to ride just like my dad but has since been reduced to riding an xr 100. Grandpa takes it kind of hard but when your one year away from 80, you should be lucky to ride anything at all. :D

Death Valley is oct 25-27. Do you think its possible to do something with your gps using the roll chart information? My dad is also going to take us on a few interesting side trails not listed on the roll chart. This is going to be!!! :)

I checked with Moose on thier inserts and this is what I got back:

....Thank you for your interest in the Moose foam inserts. We do not recommend them for dual sport use. We have concentrated on off-road racing and do not know how sustained on-road riding will affect the insert with the heat built up within the tire. Dual Sport was never even a consideration when we released this product. The inserts should be lubricated with silicone or talc powder before installation. The lubricity of the silicone or talc will allow the insert to not get too much friction causing heat and deteriorating of the insert. In off-road conditions, the foam inserts have lasted for months. One of our riders raced an entire season with one foam insert. When properly lubed it appears that the inserts will last for a long time. Best regards, Larry Schlender MooseRacingUSA/Moose Utility Division...

I went ahead and ordered one for the rear wheel and will give it a shot. I ride very little highway and think they still might work for me. Figure I'll lube it up real good, slap it in there and give it about 1000 miles, then pull it out and see how it does. They were about $60 a piece down at the local shop. I saw the Moose dealer book and they run $35 at dealer cost, anybody reccommend a on-line dealer that has good Moose discount?

That doesnt' surprise me about the not for dualsport use. I remember reading an article on the old Bib Mousse inserts, that they tried in baja, and the inserts basically melted...

Let us know how the test goes!

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