US Open on NBC @ 4:30 EST

:cry: :cry:

still got roundybouts on the channel. :cry:

Bloody circle jerkers anyways :cry: :cry: :cry:

In Houston they blanked it out for some f^&*ing paid advertisement! Taliking about circle jerkers. :cry:

Unfortunately we (the Motorcycle community) received the edited version, again. I can’t wait till motocross/supercross is a recognized sport, like bowling and badminton!!! LOL

Then they can put it back on the Speed Channel’s 4 hour version of “Two Wheel Tuesday!!!”

:cry: Speed - ESPN :cry:

yeah i dont think they show enough ama on tv and when they do its always a random time you can never catch it half the time so if they arent gonna show that much they can at least have it same time every week month or whatever

Ever wonder when poker became a "SPORT"?

Supercross coverage gets bumped once again for Profesional Wack-A-Mole :cry:

I stayed home to watch it and was bummed that the Neckcar ran long and they chopped out a lot of the MX. I guess you have to be drunk to get neckcar, cause I don't, they are just going one way in a circle on a very small track. Its BORING!

Didn't one of the AMA MX rounds get canceled due to a Hot Dog eating contest re-run on ESPN? I've seen them getting delayed for other stuff I don't watch either.

I think if would be great if there was like a channel for each sport and we just pay for the channel we want to watch. Then those TV big wigs would know what people watch and not be guessing with there surveys. I don't watch any of the junk they say everyone watches. (ie, Reality TV) I'd rather ride.


Motocross/Supercross is the only reality TV. People eating bugs and nasty liquids, who all make decent money and there is a nice restaraunt just down the block. That isnt reality! That is stupidity. The people who really eat bugs because they are impoverished would think it is disgusting that people who had other options would do such stupid things. But chances are since they are eating bugs they probably dont have TV or McDonalds! Reality TV does keep you from thinking about anything intelligent like really asking a politician an important question. Mr.Cheney isnt your daughter a lesbian? &%$#@!? :cry:

I'm surprised the response isn't more positive...I'm a waterskier (not a wakeboarder) and would kill to get some competition on at a reasonable hour, much less on a major network. I mean think about it, when was the last time you saw MX/SX on a major network...and that doesn't include X-Games. Even though some people were blacked out, and the left-turn adboards ran over, I still think its a step in the right direction.

My 2 cents of course. :cry:

I stayed home to watch it and was bummed that the Neckcar ran long and they chopped out a lot of the MX. I guess you have to be drunk to get neckcar, cause I don't, they are just going one way in a circle on a very small track. Its BORING!

neckcar? thats not short for redneck is it? blasphemy!!!! nascar is the sport of the south,i figured a track in california wouldn't be appreciated! this sport arose from the moonshiners runnin the ridgetops(hence ridgerunners) to avoid the law in old hopped up jelopies,fairly regal if you ask me! now you gotta admit there are alot of panty wastes involved nowadays(not gonna mention names,24,48 etc.)but don't be knockin the nascar man! :cry: :cry:

From Transworld

The Maxxis U.S. Open will re-air in its entirety on NBC December 12th at 2:30-4:00 p.m. (EST).

The original airing of the Maxxis U.S. Open was condensed due to the length of the Subway 500 NASCAR race from Martinsville. After reviewing overwhelming response of the viewers, NBC made the decision to re-air the Maxxis U.S. Open in its entirety


so will the actully show the 125 this time?

If everyone who is a member of thumpertalk would send an email to NBC demanding the full version and to quit short changing us I bet they would listen. They are supposed to are the full thing again in december. I get you and actuall date.

and then if we would hit the other motocross forums to do the same they would see that there is a huge audience and would air more


so dems neckcar doos haz day roots in 'shine I bed dem 'shine runners hayed mo funof a ryte den dem neckcar doos prolly mo lyte doos a hasserd sho dat was a coo sho wasint it wit dat dayzy doot i thank dem rayly doos is mo lyte runnin 'shine an rayly is kyna lyke moto in a compat renal kar wit dat sait... i done thank neckcar iss so mush lyk runnin da shine

bydaway dat trat do brink sum kaysh to du arear an i tink day hat a freestyle ebent in air wuntyme...idunofosho

i lyte to tank all my sponzers, sapporos, and eepeshally joe-jet for lennin mee yuse his nytro pahred calkeelayter mmhmm

Wheely Bob

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