Spares kit

Hi Guys

I bought a runout 04 450f last week, but the shop had lost the spares kit. They are ordering the parts in, but what should come in the kit so they cant pull a fast one on me



Where did you buy your 04 450 from and what price. Chch motorcycles had one for $10800 also 05's for $11800 they apparently import them from canada and are more than $2000 cheaper than anywhere else

Red Baron

They gave me $9500 for my KXF, so i was happy with the deal

wow good trade in must have been mint.

Brian I had 2 sets of rings, 2 of each of the following gaskets - clutch cover, inner clutch cover, flywheel cover, base gasket, head gasket. 2 main jets, pre formed exhaust packing and rivets, spoke spanner and workshop manual in the spares kit of my 03 YZ250F. Hope this helps.

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