2001 xr650r

I am looking for the best possible method to remove the clutch bushing on my 2001 xr650r :cry: BRP, as well as in need of some fork springs,I am about 225 and need to stiffen up the front end for high speed desert and bumps riding,Any sugestions? e-mail is hill5150@sbcglobal.net Thanks Ride Red.

I think it's pressed into the clutch basket You might want to get a set of heavier clutch springs while you have everything apart, XR's only has them, under 20 bucks, won't really feel them at the lever. Some guys have had problems with their countshaft seals on the 2001's, not sure, you might want to address that also.

I used that link to start the bushing replacement and could not remove the main nut . Any suggestions on how to hold the basket to remove the nut?

Just leave the clutch plates in, and hit the nut with an impact wrench, voila! I pressed down on the clutch plates with my fingers to add friction. I understand that you might not have an impact wrench, but it is likely that you know someone who does....


I don't think he has a impact wrench.....I have heard of some using a penny in the gears somehow...I heard it on the Yahoo Group. Ask there.

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