XR650R Pipe?

Who's making the best performance pipe for the xr650r that meets 99dbs at 20feet? The california crap has been removed and the bike rejetted. I may opt for the HRC kit in the spring.


It would take a fairly large and expensive effort to find out what pipe is the best for a given application (buying & testing all the pipes). There was once a XR650R pipe shootout in Dirt Bike magazine that favored the WB E series silencer, but things could have changed since then. Some pipes will be better for top end performance while others will be better for low end performance. You just can't have the best of everything because where one pipe may shine in one area, it will likely suffer somewhere else. The only good way I can think of to figure out what's best is to get all the pipes together and run them through a series of dyno tests and pick the chart that appears to meet your riding style along with making sure its quiet enough. I wish a magazine or someone else would do another pipe shootout for our bikes and publish the updated results.

I did speak to a guy late last year who bought every header and silencer he could find for the XR650R, then tested them for his needs and sold off the rest except for the one he decided to keep. He also kept the WB E series and said it was the best for him. You can tune the WB E series silencer's noise level by adding or subtracting discs and I've been told by a few people that running 10 discs is the optimum configuration for keeping things quiet enough without sacraficing too much power. I'm only recalling opinions I've heard and read because I don't own a WB E series myself. I simply run the HRC insert with a turned down pipe inside it and it seems to work well for me.

As I posted a while back, I bought a White Bros. E-Series, and have yet to put it on. My bike was shipped from the states about two months ago, and will be here tomorrow!!!!!!8^)

I'll let you know how it works. I did as much homework on the purchase, before I ordered it. The White Bros has power gains all over the rpm range, where most others gave up low end power for more overev on top. For me, that was not an option...for somebody running wide open all the time, it would be different. The same goes for all the headpipes. All of them had top end gains in exchange for some low end throttle response.

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