Bajadesigns? NEVER AGAIN!

I am never ever ordering ANYTHING through Bajadesigns, ever again.

I don't care if they have something noone else has, I'll never give them my money for as long as i ride.

Why you ask?

Well, let me tell you...

First of all, i am not a new customer at in fact I have spent thousands in the past year buying stuff from them, and i have gotten &%$#@! around by them since day one.

Being the nice guy that i am, i gave them another chance, and another, but this is it...i've learned my lesson and I'm pissed to say the least.

Like i said, i've ordered numerous stuff from them and not one fricken time have they shipped my stuff on time, NOT ONCE! There was always a problem with this and with that...but I was never informed through e-mail or by phone of any always came as a surprise as I would write them after two or three weeks of ordering and sure enough, my stuff had not been shipped because of whatever stupid reason...and there never was a good enough reason. At least i thought they would have the decency to call or e-mail and say "hey, we're sorry but..." NEVER!

Well, like the fool that i am, i figured i'd give them my business again since i needed a street lighting kit for my CRF and had two choices Bajadesigns, or Electrexusa.

What made me go to bajadesigns, i'll never know, but it's the last time.

I placed my order on various other items like a kickstand, Acerbis guards(the expensive ones)big bar mounts for them, one of their rear sprockets, "the Ironman" and a few other things, ALONG with the bajadesigns kit which sells for $500 alone.

I had ordered everything but the lighting kit... about a week and a half went by and my stuff never came. I e-mail them and Chris(the guy/or girl who's been replying my e-mails)says "well we never shipped your stuff, because you were asking questions about the bajadesigns lighting kit and i figured we'd wait until you made up your save you some money in shipping"

I then told him that i was in desperate need for the stuff i ordered and wished they had sent it, since a week and a half already went by and noone had e-mailed, at least wished someone would have thought about e-mailing me asking "hey do you want us to ship the stuff or do you want us to wait until you make up your mind about the lighting kit?"...but NO.

Noone e-mailed, once again, i was UNpleasantly surprised to find that my stuff had not been shipped. I didn't make a big stink, but i should have because this wasn't the first or second time this was happening to me...and i said, ok..."send me the whole lighting kit for the crf.

Everything but the stator...i'll get that from electrex, since they have a 75W which would work fine for my application"...bajadesign's only puts out 40(i didn't want their 125W which comes with a flywheel)...

OK Chris said...I'll get your order RIGHT OUT!

I made it clear that i was in NEED of this stuff and somewhat upset that it was now two weeks since i had ordered it and had NOTHING yet.

Well, wouldn't you know it?

It's a week and a half since, and once again i wrote Chris at telling him WHERE IS MY SHEET? and i'm sure you can guess by now...

he said "your stuff hasn't been shipped yet, we're still building should go out in two to three days from now".

Well, i'm beyond pissed right now, and i will cancel my order, and NEVER EVER buy one god damn thing from that company ever again!

I don't recommend, and i'll never recommend that place to anyone as long as i ride a bike.

Obviously not only are they incompetent, but they're ignorant to people's needs, nor do they give a flying &%$#@!.

Electrex will get my business as far as the lighting is concerned. There are many other companies out there that know how to treat a good client, i'm sure of it.

Don't sugar-coat it...tell it straight!!! :)

It's a real shame that some people don't have good sense...I order a lot of things on the Internet, and they all want my e-mail address, but when there is a problem, I expect them to put that e-mail address to good use. I've ordered parts from BD and have had some good service, quick delivery, but have had to call back and ask whats the hold up several times also.

Al Bakers XR Only held up an order for 2 weeks, never called, or e-mailed. When I finally called, they said that there was a problem running my credit card. I asked how much longer were they going to wait before they got hold of me. Called the credit card bank, was told card, and account were fine, but some vendor had tried to run a purchase thru(XRs Only) but wasn't doing it right, and thats why no transaction. My last order from Al Baker.

Interesting... I bought the BD light kit and it took 2 weeks to get to me. I have an order in now for the smog kit and IMS tank. Its been 7 days and I am still waiting...

I had the same problem with motoworld of el cajon. Ordered new pipe, lost in shipping!? rad shrouds in certain color, delivered in stock color of wrong bike! New plastics for bike, had everything but front fender so they SENT NOTHING. Front fender backordered for 2 months! Would they have evercalled? Lies about leaving messages, you name it. The last order I p[laced I told them of my woes and they assured me no more problems. Never again! My family has spent probably 20k in mail order bike stuff this past 2 seasons. SUCKERS!!!!!!!

the only way i'll get SOME satisfaction, is to expose their incompetent and careless business practices.

I had good luck with BD. I'd moved; they called me to verify which was the correct address (though they did ship to the wrong one after all) and made sure I was ordering the right part.

One has to figure, this job is a starting-wage spot - the folks doing the transactions don't always have the experience that larger-company customer service folk have.

I second that about XR's Only...only ordered twice from them, and both times they screwed up. The last time, they FINALLY got my order out after I called them up and bitched, and then I get it, and its my invoice, but somebody elses order...on the phone again...they guarantee it to go out...adn it did...minus one of the items.......yes, that's the last dollar they'll get from me as well...

As bad as I hate to admit it, I'm a mailorder junkie and order practically everything online...and I've had trouble with just about every company at one time or another. I guess maybe I should start supporting my local bike shops (whenever I get back to the states) with my purchases....

I have purchased many things through Baja and they have been very helpfull and generous to me.

I remember once spending 20 min. on the phone with Tex,(Baja 1000 Tex), while he schooled me on the setup of my BRP. When I needed to wire my GPS up to my bike they faxed me custom wiring diagrams for my unique needs. They have earned my business.

Would like to put an end to this so...

I did just receive an appology from Alan Roach, owner of, and while it did sound a bit snotty, it was still an appology.

No effort was made on his part to try and rectify the problem caused by Chris, the college student working the e-mail orders for Bajadesigns, but then again, I wasn't expecting much anyway.

Appology accepted.

Sorry to all who were offended by my cursing, and my Spam posting.

My experience with BD is that they are usually verbally helpful when asked about something but also quite careless and/or sloppy when it comes to order details. They should put less emphasis on the "all our employees ride" spiel and focus more on basic business skills. I've ordered products 3x from them in the past 18 months, and each time the order has been shipped either incomplete or incorrectly. They have fixed their mistakes, but why should my time be wasted because they cannot get it right the first time?

Ordered IMS 4.7 tank delivery to island in Greece. Not a wise move b/c you pay customs duties 40% of value of item (I didn't know...) which in essence means you can't return / redeliver goods. Specified colour several times, via e-mail and phone. Eventually receive tank; wrong colour.

I responded to some sort of marketing crap and to his credit, Alan Roach responded with an apology, explanation, and an offer of discount on a future purchase. Haven't gotten around to ordering yet.

sounds like he does this for a living...but I'm sure he means well :)

I have used this forum for quite some time and find it generally useful to gain information on various bikes idiosyncrasies. I have never logged or posted but simply use it for information. I did get a login today because something on this forum is really bothering me. There are a few guys on this forum that obviously have nothing else to do with there time. I work in a very different industry but the issues are the same. Most companies struggle to keep a balance between having product on the shelf and not over inventorying so they can stay in business. I'm would imagine motorcycle parts are a tough one as it is a small community of people trying to outfit something that is continuously changing. Back orders are the norm in this type of environment and to some extent understandable. Heck, I broke my shifter on my 02 YZ 250 and it took me 3 weeks to get it from a dealer!!! This is from a huge company that mass produces like there is no tomorrow. You guys are really hard on these companies if they do not have your stuff on the shelf and to our house in a few days. I get excited about getting stuff for my bike also but please try to understand it from their end sometimes. They really want to get you the part and hope you are extremely satisfied with it as that is the only way for them to stay in business doing what they love. Shooting them down on this forum is not good. They could be the company that builds the next cool new bolt-on for your ride but you just slammed them and are slowing the process more.

I met the guys at Fastway at the Washougal Nationals and they were all very nice, involved, innovative and caring enthusiasts as far as I could tell. I bought some pegs from them and helped me with a few items not even related to products they make (XR50 parts). I also met employees from FMF, Devol, Maxxis etc... all nice people and working really hard to help out (even got a free tire from Maxxis :>). I have one of Baja Designs street kits which I purchased a year ago and they were super helpful. The headlight I wanted was out of stock and they helped me choose another one that was nicer than the one I originally ordered.

I just think we are shooting ourselves in the foot by bad mouthing these hard working companies, especially the smaller ones where a lot of the innovation is coming from. We all have issues with everyday stuff (like getting your order right at the drive through) and need to have a little more understanding. If a company is not working out for you buy your items somewhere else. Posting a big slam on this forum is very dangerous as you may just ruin it for the next guy who would love something but does not get it due to your one issue. For every upset customer there are a lot of very pleased ones.

On this day of remembrance of those who lost so much (9/11) let's try to make a change for the better and work out issues like adults. If you have an issue with a company call them and try to rectify it. If it does not work out buy from someone else. Posting it once so people can get your experience is fine. Starting a war on the internet is a faceless, resolution less, and most of all useless way of dealing with issues. How long do you think companies will advertise and contribute to this forum if we bash them like this? Eventually you could bash every company as they are all run by people and all people make mistakes.

Let's keep this forum useful.

Originally posted by bermblaster:

...There are a few guys on this forum that obviously have nothing else to do with there time....Shooting them down on this forum is not good...I just think we are shooting ourselves in the foot by bad mouthing these hard working companies, especially the smaller ones where a lot of the innovation is coming from...If a company is not working out for you buy your items somewhere else...


You make a lot of good points, but when any company repetedly screws up a customers order and fails to clearly communicate and or treats them less than adequately, I have no problems with people coming out and sharing their experiences. I for one would prefer to know about these issues than not.

Most of the time, customers who bad mouth a company are doing it for good reasons and if enough of these types of complaints come forward, then that company better be doing more than taking a hard look at their operations if they have any sense at all. Nobody said running a business today is easy, especially with all the cut throat pricing going on, but in order to be a successful & healthy business, you must meet your customers expectations or set them appropriately. Providing excellent customer service is essential, especially when it comes to making sure orders are filled accurately and in a timely manner. It's understandable that there will be delays, especially in this industry, but its not that hard to keep customers updated and this is where problems often lie (failure to communicate). Not calling a customer back or failing to keep them updated is a sure fire recipe to piss them off.

Most of the time when problems happen to a customer, they just quietly walk away and shop some where else from then on and this is a terrible thing from a business owners standpoint, or at least from a business owner who cares about growing their business in a healthy way. When the customer quietly walks away, the company in question will NEVER have the opportunity to retain that customer or some of their friends for any business. Bad publicity spreads a lot faster and farther than the good stuff, which is why good customer service is so important.

I'd much rather have a person whose complaining out loud than the quiet one who walks away to shop somewhere else because the loud customers are giving the business a second chance; an opportunity to resolve the issue and save the relationship. It's also an opportunity for the company to show off just how good they really are and a chance to make positive changes that improve the business. Keeping existing customers for repeat business is much easier and much less expensive than acquiring new customers in many types of businesses and if that relationship can be mended, then the customer will probably pass on their positive experience to others and it will be good for everyone. Some of my best customers along the way have been the ones who have complained the loudest and I thank them for giving me these opportunities instead of buying somewhere else.

thanks NASDAQ :)

Whenever one reads a BBS, it is helpful to do a little filtering. If a dozen people say good things and there is one really irate person, it is likely that the irate person is an anomaly.

In the case of BD, I have read many posts and come to the conclusion that they have good gear, love the sport, are helpful, but can't be relied upon for prompt service.

Sadly, this is true about most mail order moto gear. I have learned the hard way over the years that is the schedule is tight, the parts won't make it on time or they will make it and be incorrect. This includes special order parts from local Honda dealers.

So, it is useful to have these kinds of comments on a BBS. It is also good for them to be reasonable in length and not too inflammatory. I see a good reason to delete truly spastic posts, but I implore the webmaster to retain reasonably written posts, even those which speak ill of his advertizers. If they are good businesses, they'll take the opportunity to improve, grow the business and make more money. Good for everybody.

That is my position also. I do not believe this is the horrible flame post being referred to. Though it started off as a flame, many people have reported satisfaction with these companies. Most of us realize the best prices and knowledge come from the smaller companies. These companies cannot always be perfect, but have made great strides in providing us with quality info and products. Companies need some feedback to improve their services, though flaming is not necessary.

my local honda shop is no help either. it is allways the wrong part. they have to order it no matter what it is (head light bulb, oil filter, gas cap hose) they got to be kidding. i thought they where suposed to have honda parts in stock. no air filter for a vfr 800. nomatter what it is the reply is "we can order that" mine is " congrats, so can i, later" :)


i would like to flam the repair department. they have no idea what asap means.. i am missing my second enduro in a row because they told me to send it to them to get the moisture out of the display. on the order ticket i had to send they ask do you want it asap. two weeks nothing. no email or call. i called and i got "i havent got around to it yet. cince you called maybee today?" you got to be kidding. their goes my points lead. thanks. :D

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