Xr650L dead

It quit raining and I decided to take a spend got about a mile down the road and it quit running.No fire to the plug.Got the service manual out along with the ohm meter and have yet to find a problem.I have a 250L so I tried the coil and CDI unit from it and nothing.It must have a bad connection somewhere. :confused:I just hope it does not take to long to find it.

This may sound stupid but I had a similar problem and I would have to hit the battery box while driving to get it running again. The battery connection will rattle itself loose even though it may look tight. Take off the wires, scrub them with a wire brush, the put them back on. It worked for me.

Early 650L's had problems with the kill switch failing, I'd check there first.

I bumped the kill switch to the off position on mine when I was getting gas. Took me a couple of minutes to figure out what was going on. Hope it's something simple.

It is the CDI module.Even though the one off of the 250 plugs right in they are made different.Someone said to tap on it and sometimes they will start firing again,I did and it worked.I do not see how tapping on an electronic module would make it work again. :cry: But there are a lot of things I do not know.Thanks for the help.

Animul Mutha is one of the Quirkiest bikes I have ever owned. Sometimes tapping on things, bending things, and just simple guess work makes the bike run better. She is for sure the best project bike I have ever owned. She will keep you on your Mechanic Toes. Thank goodness she is so easy to work on.

I got 9000 miles on mine before uncorking it. Once you start changing it from stock its amazing how much you have to keep changing stuff.

I thought it was the module as well and took everything out of the battery box and cleaned it up and put it back together again. But it kept going dead, so I would hit the battery box untill the power came back on. Then the light started flickering. So at night I would be driving down the road and my headlight would start to go out. And then come back on. Here I am doing 70mph down the freeway at night doing a "Ride em Cowboy" hitting the battery box with my left hand to get the lights back on. The problem was getting worse and quickly. So I took the battery off and started check one wire at a time. I finally realized that the bottom nut inside the battery connection was corroded and needed to be scrubbed. Once I got it cleaned and tightened everything back down it has had no power issues since.

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