WR426 vs. WR450

hi, my name is taylor. I am new to this forum and from what i have seen here it seems like a great one.

from the subject above you can pretty much tell what this is about. My dad is getting a knew bike and cant make his mind up and wants to know what people with the bikes think about it. it is between a 2003 wr426 and a 2004 wr450. can you guys tell me some pros and cons on the bikes and compare them. It would really help my dad out. Thanks a lot :cry:

i'm guess'in you mean 02 426 cuz the 03 was 450. but depending on how old he is he may benefit from the e-start on the 450's,i think the weight is about the same and power and suspension are a little better on the 450's but the 02 426 is still a bonafide ride if you can get a good deal on one in good condition :cry: :cry:

I think the 450's may be a little easier to ride, for a few reasons.

1. estart

2. better seat/tank ergos. flatter and skinnier.

3. smoother power delivery, more linear (less hit)

But, I still love my 426!

yeah sorry, i guess i hit 3 on accident.

thanks for the help, my dad is 50, so i guess the 450 would be a better bike for him? we checked the 450 out and he did like the E-start, But we did find some nice 426's for a good price. feel free to post more comments on ether of the bikes.

This is a great question. From my vantage point it breaks down to:

E-Start on the 450 vs. price on the 426. With the "hit" factor of the 426 being the variable.

I currently ride a 01 426 and it is a GREAT bike and in my opinion the "hit" on the 426 is VERY overated. To be perfectly honest, it is very minimal. If money were not an object I think I would go with the 04 450. Lately I have ridden with alot of people with the E-Start and it is very cool. The older I get, the more appealing it becomes. Gotta love the extra 24ccs of power in the 450 too :cry:

E-Start on the 450 vs. price on the 426. With the "hit" factor of the 426 being the variable

I had an 00 WR400 that I replaced with a 03 WR450 and the only advantage I think I gained was the estart, and I like my estart.

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