Has anyone tried the RTT tripple-clamp stabilizer??

I'm in serious need of a stabilizer and pretty much sold on scotts. I happened across the RTT stabilizer and am currious if anyone has tried it out or got data on it? Here's the site..


I kind of like the remote damper switch and the fact that it's a return to center damper. Of course the only draw back would be that you can't take it with you. Also not sure if they're producing it for the BRP.

As for the scotts, what's the best mount to use, rear or front mount? Think I'd like the front mount but figured I'd wouldn't be able to use my XR200 speedo because of the post.

That's the first I've heard of it. I only knew of Scotts (Ohlins), GPR & WER besides some home made units I've seen. The RTT looks interesting though.

Interesting but it doesn't look like they make them for a large variety of bikes. I didn't see the pig listed. :)

Anyhoo, I have the Scotts, I couldn't be any happier with it. I have the front mount but don't run an odometer or spedo. You prob could fab an offset braket for your XR200 spedo like the one Scotts makes for the stock odometer.


Hey Fistfull,

How much of a pain is it to install the scotts forward mount? The kit sure is a chunk o' change. I already got protapers and Applied Racing tripple clamps. They have two threaded nubbins for the speedo screws on the front side of the clamp. Figured I'd have to get the Scotts clamps since my nubbins would hang in the way. (pun intended)

I e-mailed the RTT stabilizer people and haven't heard anything back.

The Scotts forward mount is an easy install, I did get the whole shebang from scotts. I can take some pics if you want. How far do the nubbins stick out?? There is some clearance between the front post and the tripple clamp.

I got my Scotts from a place called Hard Racing www.hardracing.com The guy gave me a good discount on the whole package including the speedo relocation bracket. I was pleased with his service and especially his price. I got the forward mount and have been pretty happy with it. The only issue I had was when I turned my bars all the way to the left, the damper stopped the bars from turning any further instead of the lower clamps hitting the steering stop on the bike's frame. This condition could damage the damper, but I fixed it by welding on a small bead to the frame stop. I later learned from someone here that there's an inernal adjustment to the damper that may have solved this problem, but it was Scotts who told me my only solution was to build up the frame stop to prevent potential damage to the damper. While this may be a rare issue (depends on tolerances of your frame), I'm certainly not the only person here to have this happen.

So how far beyond the front forks does the forward post stick out? I only have about <40mm to work with since I have a headlight/dash-panel from my street legal kit.

I have sampled The RTT on a KTM and it is by far the best I have tried and I have tried them all but the W.E.R. The switch is to cool. It controls percentages of the main big red knob on the damper. You can be in the tight woods and have it almost off for quick transitions and pop out into a fast washout or something, flip the switch to full on and hammer the throttle cause your going straight. WONDERFUL.

The down side is they don't have them for many models yet. I met the guys who build it and they are really nice people with a sano shop.

The scotts is my second choice as it is free to center and works great. The knobs could be a better design and not come off all the time and who designed the sharp points on the knobs where your privates hit in the event of a unauthorized stop :>)

The GPR is good and the service is great. Randy who owns the company is at all the races and works his ass off. I like his design of the knobs much better and the unit works good but I like the free to center function as it does not make the front end feel so heavy.

Hope this helps, take care.

Talked to John at RTT today. Good guy and quite friendly. He says they are working on the XR650R version currently and should have production units within a month or two. They initially built units for bikes with more head shake and waited on the BRP since it was already a fairly stable beast. He also mentioned they might be offering a discount through sites like Thumper Talk. I'm on his list so hopefully he lets me know when they're ready.

John also mentioned they just ran a few units at the 24 hr of Glenn Helen and they worked real well. Nice thing is they use ATF fluid and it's a sinch to change out the oil.

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