How many miles are people getting out of a stock XR 650 R fuel tank? A buddy of mine wants to go on a long dualsport ride with me and thinks he can get at least 100 miles. I don't know if he can and his guess is making me a little nervous.



It all depends on the type of riding you will be doing. If it is mostly open, high gear stuff he should be able to make it. I have gotten as much as 46 mpg in open terrain but the tight stuff will cut that figure in half. I have gone around 80 miles between gas stops before but that is about as far as I want to chance it. :)

I rode a poker run in Washington - fairly tight terrain - and hit reserve at 35 miles (stock tank). I might have done the jetting a bit rich when I opened 'er up, eh? I'm sure I filled the tank...

In a race I recently rode in, 4ea 20 mile laps, times about 22 minutes a lap, I was frequently in 5th gear against the rev limiter, so 80 miles total and a fuel burn of 2.7 gallons.

Thanks for the input guys. The ride is goingto be east of the Sierras north and east of Bridgeport Ca. alot of two track roads, single track is pretty limited in this area. I'm hoping this terrain will help his mileage.

The bike has all the smog stuff off. I guess i'll make him come out for a ride at my house in the desert to verify his mileage. he just bought this bike used and hasn't had a chance to do a good ride on it yet.

The worst case scenario is that we'll make him carry a gallon of gas in a backpack or he'll have to suffer the major evil eye from six other guys that like to ride long distances.

Thanks again,


Glenn, here's a tip that will get you a bit

further. Remove ( it pulls out easily ) the

white plastic cylinder anti-splash thing at

the tank filler. This gives extra range and

the only drawback is that you need to take

a little bit extra care when filling.

cheers, Craig

My best with the stock tank during a normal day of riding the dez (combo of slow rock and wide open washes) was 86mi. With the IMS 3.4, I was able to get 130 one time down in Baja when our usual gas stop was closed.

Is his bike still closed up with smog crap?? Makes a difference!! In the forest I got 55 miles stock then about 40 with hop up kit installed. More air sucks more fuel. I haven't every rode all day in 4th and 5th if ever, but your concerns are valid, sounds like a long day if he tries. In the Tillamook forest in oregon I am getting about 30 mph but again different riding.

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