Chain Wr450F - 04

How good is the stock drive chain? (DID 520 VM I think)

should I replace it rigth away or is it a keeper?

My experience with OEM chains is that they stretch like bubble gum and useless after a few rides.

What is the best chain? (X-ring?)


I think it is an Xring chain. I removed my rivited master link to install a conventional and I do remember it being an x-ring, I'm pretty sure it is. Mine came stock with the DID VM also.

I have the same question, kind of. Mine is when to replace it. I have a left over 03 with 600kms. I had a bad experience with a chain breaking when I nailed my 78 750K Honda and broke the upper and lower cases, ouch to the student loan. Along time ago but I haven't forgot the bill.

Anyway, on my chain I'm not worried about running out of tension notches, I worry about the side to side flex of the chain and how it can be pulled a bit off the rear sprocket in the back.

I thought that was the most important indicator of a chains wear. By the way, the sprockets are not hooked in the least.

I think I will just put an o-ring Regina or Rethal (same thing I guess) or maybe even a good Parts Canada o-ring replacement on over the winter. I'm not too thirlled about inheriting a master clip but that will be the case I suspect.

Any advise or experience on your OEM chain replacement experience would be greatly appreicated.

I've got over 1000 miles, haven't had to adjust it in's a high-quality x-ring chain. I wouldn't be too worried unless you have to keep adjusting it all the time. They last pretty well in my experience, not like your typical cheap MXer chain. They're crap....but that's one reason our WRs cost a little more. :cry:

I have had my bike 11 months raced The entire GNCC series plus 4 local races and 15-20 trail rides on the stock set up only adjusted 3 times. This is the best quality chain and sprockets I have ever seen on a stock bike. another nice feature is the pressed master not a weak link clip. :cry:

I use CZ chain, the strongest available X ring in their product range with 34.000N breaking load

since it is not packed in eye catching box and is priced by the length you take it is quite cheap

it outlasts those reginas and compares to hi standard chains as RK, DID, renthal

when still building a trust toward low budget chain i made my own protector wich already prooved its means by holding the broken regina (twice) at bay, not hitting the engine at breaking


i think this is a must have for mud riding, stock protector is a dirt catching device

I just replaced mine after 1350miles and only had to adjust it 3 or 4 times. I really didn't need to replace it but was going to an enduro and didn't want to find out how long they will last on the trail. I cleaned my stock chain almost after every ride with kerosene or WD40 and lubed it with either BelRay or PJ1.

300 miles and on my third Chain.

The OE chain lasted 200 miles and broke one side plate with 32 cracks in the rest of the side plates but made the 10 mile trip back to the van .

Second chain VK 50 miles was hanging like a stud dogs balls and had so much side to side play it startrd to eat subframe,

adjusted 50 miles more stretched again in the bin !

Third chain DID OE with two years warrenty now when it snaps i get a new one [ might never have to buy a chain again [

Euro spec 450's are so strong if the chain don't snap it's your arms ! :cry:

I also raced the entire GNCC series, local races, Alligator Enduro and plenty of trail riding. Still have the original chain and sprockets on the bike. The front sprocket is only now beginning to show wear. Leave it on until you have to change it. It's the best stock chain I've EVER had come on a bike!

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