Need bar mounted GPS recommendation

I have a Garmin E-Trex GPS unit that I was looking into a handlebar mount for it, but I read some bad feedback about the mount itself, so I was thinking of buying a whole new GPS unit just for my XR.

Any recommendations on a handlebar mounted unit? How durable? What works, and what doesn't?

I will have a Dash for the Garman/Cyco active mount and an ICO soon

Garmin makes a pretty good handlebar mount for the eTrex that replaces the back door. I recomend you tape your batteries together to help reduce intemitant re-booting. One good bump and the eTrex will shut itself off.

I'm probably stating the obvious here. But, when I was choosing handlebars to go on my Pro Taper clamp, I only considered the ones with a cross-bar. I'm not in the market for a GPS, but I thought about mounting some trail repair supplies there. I went with the Renthal Twinwall (that's not a plug...just my choice!). There's a few others with cross-bars, but most of the 1 1/8" bars lack them. I look for little places to stash stuff, but there aren't a whole lot on the XR. It seems a shame to relinquish the possible uses of a cross-bar.

Thanks a bunch for the input. Actually I was in a hurry and didn't think about doing a search on the subject, so when I did, I got a wealth of info on the subject.

I found that the RAM mount for the ETrex seems to be the best bet. Anybody have any feedback on the handlbar mount that they make?

I like the idea of mounting it more towards the center of the bars, rather than out on the ends, where it would be more apt to be damaged in a crash.

RAM mount is the only way to go. Ive got 2 etrex's 2 RAM's=0 problems. On standard bars, I mount mine in between the bar clamps on the fat portion of the bar. Then I turn the unit sideways which puts it barely above the crossbar-out of harms way.

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Ditto the Ram mount - I have the ETrex Vista and Ram mount.

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