Engine Noise Up Top

I'm not new to XRs, but I do have a new XR650R. I've had a couple of KTMs recently and have grown used to the "European engine sounds". That took a while, but now I'm wondering if I have to once again get used to the "japanese engine sounds".

My XR has a sound that seems to be coming from the top right side of the motor (as you sit on the bike). It isn't an obnoxious noise, but one that is definitely present. I've described the sound as similar to sticking an object into metal fan blades. Its not real loud, but seems to be associated with certain RPMs. When I first start the bike and vary the throttle (in neutral), it happens as I come off the gas down through the vibration RPMs. Then, as I'm accelerating on the bike in gear, it sounds like it does it a couple times going up through the same RPMs (similar to detonation...although I don't think that's what it is). I know the timing chain is right there, but I'm not too sure that's it. Also, the exhaust guard is right there on the header. But, I've grabbed that with gloves on and it doesn't diminish the sound. It could be in or around the carb as well.

Anyone hearing a similar sound or have any ideas? Or, am I just paranoid? I took the seat and tank off, but didn't find anything obvious.

Again, its not an alarming sound that scares the dogs. It doesn't do it all the time. And, it doesn't seem to be getting worse.

Its under warranty, but I suspect the dealer will tell me its just normal engine noise.

Help me Obi Wan.....

Thor, I've owned my brp for 29 months now and

have read post from scores of worried owners about noises. I can't recall any re-posts

to say that noises equalled bad news. It

therefore follows that brp's are noisy bikes.

If you check your valve clearances, check your

oil screen in downtube for excess filings and if

these 2 things are o.k., then you just need

to use the Honda competition exhaust and you

won't hear anything other than the

exhilerating rasp.

cheers, Craig

I've gone through mine (has 30 hours max on it) to make sure everything is set right. Not having the money for a pipe, I drilled out the baffle while leaving the screen, then added a couple stainless-steel scrubbers to quiet things down. The thing just sounds ratty at low speed...then sounds better and better as the revs build, finally sings! I'm just used to it now.

My 88 xr 600 makes the same sound. Been trying to find it to no avail as did the last owner. Mine doesn't do it once its warmed up so I just start the bike and go in and make my lunch etc., then take off with no funny noises. I have ridden the bike to and from work almost every day for the last 2 mos with no probs. I finally just resigned myself to the fact that it will have to "really" break if its an actual problem and I'll fix it then. Until then I am having a blast.

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