What is the longest lasting rear sproket and chain setup.

My new RK O-ring chain didn't last a year and has chewed up two sprockets in the mean-time. Man these 4 strokes eat up chains. My 92 KX 250 had a RK o-ringf chain that lasted 7 years but couldn't get a year out of the 426.

I confess that I don't touch the chain other then to adjust it. Rarely oil it and never wire brush it. So I will never get as much life out of a chain as some of you. But then again, same maintenance was used on the KX with great results. Must be the torque that is eating these chains. :cry:

So what chains and sprockets last the longest? :cry:

I think the Sidewinder's new tri-metal has a life time guarantee. A friend of mine has had it on for a few months on a CRF450 and it looks very good still. I will stick with the Ironman sprockets and change them with the chain. I would not trust a chain for more than 6 months of heavy use. I replace all of the sprockets and chain but I ride almost every weekend. :cry:

I went with the Sidewinder Ti-series chain and sprockets last time (not the new sprocket Indy mentioned). They were quite pricey. The rear sprocket lasted okay, but the countershaft sprocket and chain didn't last any longer than the stockers. :cry:

This time I went with an Ironman sprockets and a DID X-ring. Just put them on for the last ride, so don't know how they'll last. :cry:

A while back, there was a thread on this topic and a few guys recommended the Titax sprockets sold at rockymountainatv.com . Their price is good.

I use JT sprockets steel rear and CZ 520 ORH heavy duty chain, x-ring

with normal use, the chain lasts about 6.000 miles (road and easy off road use) and with heavy use, about 1800-2500 miles, and even less

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