Pat on the back companies

In an effort to be more positive, i think it would be cool to list companies that offered exceptional service. My pat on the back goes out to the Alpinestars boot company. I have heard nothing but positive things about this company and decided to buy a pair of tech 8's. The top buckle on each boot was to short for my large legs but the salesperson assured me that alpinestars rated #1 in customer satisfaction and would get me fixed right up. I purchased the boots and called the toll free alpinestars number when i arrived back at home. The customer service rep took my address/telephone number and then asked how fast i needed the extra long style buckles. The next day i get a knock on the door and it's an overnight package with a complete set of extra long buckles for both boots!! The following day i got a phone call from the same rep wanting to know how the new buckles worked and if there was anything else they could do!! These guys are good !!!!!!!

I have both Alpiinestar Tech 8's & Sidi Stivali's, but Sidi did a similar thing with me in that I needed a little more room in my size 14's so when I called them about this, they sent me some longer straps for free within a day or two. I'd also like to mention that Fineline Suspension has treated me well and so has Barnums Pro Products. In fact, Barnums has gone out of their way for myself and my friends on several occassions!

Yes, Positive is Good! Way to go Slow Poke. I want to say that I have had great customer service with Thor. I had a pair of Core 3 pants and the colored accent piping was cracking (they only had a couple of rides on them). I took the pants back to the shop I bought them from and the rep came in and they was replaced right away, no problem. Then that pair's piping started cracking too! This time I contacted Thor directly. They solved my issue right away. I have been a fan of the company since the Torsen Hallman Racing days, and the way that they treated me is/was great! I have and will continue buy Thor products and any other Parts Unlimited affilliated product because these guys stand behind what they sell. I just bought a new pair of Tech 8's. I didn't even know that they had extra long buckle parts! Guess who I'm going to call next!? One last remark. I live near both Baja Designs and Electrex. I have had great service by the guys at Baja and so have my friends. These guys really do care about their customers. Same thing for Ritzo over at Electrex/Dakar. They believe in what they are doing. Thanks guys.

I'd like to give a shout out to Tom Rowan at Fineline myself. He has always gone the extra mile to make certain my suspension is the best that it can be.

Thanks Tom for all your help through the years!

~ Ken Donahue

GLOBAL MOTO OUTLET...I placed an order on Sat...Rob Roon emailed me monday morning to tell me that the size of jersey I ordered was out of stock. I emailed him back, and the following day, my order was shipped. Very good service, very good communications, good prices...A+ company to deal with.

Jerry at Stroker Speed Equip. is building me an endcap to quiet down my aftermarket exhaust on 24hours notice. i told him i had an enduro this weekend and drove the part up to him. the shop is very nice and Jerry is a great person to talk to. that goes a long ways nowadays, especially when most race shops just turn up their noses to us little guys.

my riding partner tells me that his son does a great job with suspension as well.


Jerry and Stroker!


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