Breaking in the WR 450

From the Yamaha manual:


1. Before starting the engine, fill the fuel

tank with the fuel.

2. Perform the pre-operation checks on the


3. Start and warm up the engine. Check the

idle speed, and check the operation of

the controls and the “ENGINE STOP”

button. Then, restart the engine and

check its operation within no more than 5

minutes after it is restarted.

4. Operate the machine in the lower gears

at moderate throttle openings for five to

eight minutes.

5. Check how the engine runs when the

machine is ridden with the throttle 1/4 to

1/2 open (low to medium speed) for

about one hour.

6. Restart the engine and check the operation

of the machine throughout its entire

operating range. Restart the machine

and operate it for about 10 to 15 more

minutes. The machine will now be ready

to race.

The manual doesn't mention anything about "cool-down" periods. Should I let the bike cool down every 15-20 minutes of the first hour of riding? Is this necessary? When it says "lower" gears, do they mean 1st and 2nd?


The breakin proceedure that I was told and used was:

Start the bike, let it idle for around 3 minutes then shut it down. Let it cool down, about 15 - 20 minutes. Do this proceedure 2 more times.

Use of lower gears doesn't matter. It's the RPMs that are critical. Don't over-rev your engine the first time out. You won't be able to do this if you haven't modified the throttle stop.

Your bike is ready to race. :cry:

Tom :cry:

I beg to differ about the importance of gear selection as opposed to RPM. It is far more harmful to your motor to lug it in 4th or 5th gear than to rev it with no load. Stick to the lower gears while you are breaking it in. Let the motor rev moderately. Avoid over revving or lugging the motor.

Hummmmmmmmm......... I did that for the first few minutes of riding....... Then I open the %$#&@* up! :cry:

My break-in was to push the E button and ride, got 1450 miles and not a problem yet. :cry:

It's a race bike !!!!!!!

No Warrenty !!!!

RACE IT !!!!!!! :cry:


You reinforced my comments. It's not the gear, it's the RPM. You can lub the beast in 1st or 2nd. It's riding at a moderate RPM that is important.

Like others have said 'It's race bike' let it lose. :cry:


Do it as per manual. Anyone that says otherwise is full of #### unless thery have years of engine tuning and experience to back them up. I dead set reckon Yamaha is better advice given those bloks have done it more than the rest of us and they have pulled apart engines to determine the best method. :cry: And yes the engine is supposed to cool down after each bout. It doesnt need to be stone cold but it needs to cool for 10 - 20 minutes or so, speed it up by using a fan. :cry:

Yes its a race engine, but when its first assembled the temps run considerably higher due to closer tolerances and the parts that hace been machined and forged need to rub smooth to reduce friction.

Dont be slack. do it properly, after all it only takes just over an hour.

So when should I let the engine cool? Between steps 4 & 5, and steps 5 & 6?

Cool after step 3

cool after step 4

cool after step 5

probably safe to cool after 6 before givin it all youve got.

Good luck with it. :cry:

thanks. :cry:

None of that stuff is worth my time.

I ride the new bike around for a few minutes and then dump the oil and filter. I change the oil, check the nuts and bolts and then I go riding.

Break in is bull schit in my not so humble opinion.

Stop wasting your time, go riding.

A lot of people say that it works, and supposedly they actually do this at the factory. I think most of the manual break in is for the clutch, gears, brakes, suspension and rider. I have sent him an email asking a couple of questions.

Interesting link. Hope he's right because that's what I did. Grip it and rip it. This bike beggs to be ridden ... FAST!

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