soboba ride

ok its comming up. whos going.this will be me first time.i cant wait.

I wish I could make it, but gonna be out of town.

Rumor has it that this is the best ride of the year. Never done it. Enjoy!

I've ridden Soboba. It's very challenging.

All single track through high desert type terrain, no rocks, big sandy uphills, ass puckering down hills, helmet scratching bushes,300 hundred of your best riding buddies devestating the trail ahead of you if you're not in the gate by 5:30 a.m..

I'm an expert classed desert racer that sonsiders himself tough and experienced but i was totally unprepaired for this kind of fun. Very few people ever make it on to the second loop before they close the course.Also, the second loop is pretty much the same as the first loop. They just let you ride it twice.

When is the soboba ride & how can I get some info about the ride,I would like to ride it.


Soboba is an invitational ride. You have to know someone that has ridden it in the past to get you in. Entrys are sent to people that have already ridden it, but they can write you in.

It is a tough ride and made tougher by the weather. Some years it is so dusty that you can't see anything. At other times it can be so wet that you need scuba gear. A couple years ago it started raining at the start and half way thru the first loop it was pouring. About six miles from the end, after everyone was soaked, it started to hail. Couldn't feel my hands for the last six miles.

Glenn, what do ya mean, "no rocks"? A few years ago at the end of the second loop, just when the leg cramps set in, they ran us down a rocky stair step down hill. No visible trail, just dropping from rock to rock.

There are always suprises in srore at Soboba.

Gee! The things we do for fun...


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