Oregon Back Country ride in 2003

Any of you TTer's interested in a multiday event on the Oregon Back Country byway in 2003. I'm wiiling to do a great deal of the leg work and if there is enough interest we can make it happen.

i hear yah,

moved down here two years ago purely for the job. the riding here is awesome, but it's not worth putting up with all the people and smog. i'm in redlands, btw.

in a couple of years my plan is to get back to ellensburg and start a business there. just have to hang on here for a couple more years.

not that i got it tough, great weather and great riding. and i have to admit that i have met some of the nicest people here in socal. surprised the hell out of me. :)

keep me in the loop as your ride comes together. i'll prbably bring a couple of buddies as well.

we ride safe and smart when we need to. and are a kick in the ass at camp. :D

You bet, as long as you occasionally stop & wait for the old guy (that be me.)

i'm very interested.

keep me informed.

email: secretatlas@hotmail.com

hey, by the way, you're talking to a CWU Wildcat here!

as well as a three time Ridge to River competitior.

can't wait to move home soon.



Will do. Seems are are opposites. I was raised in Southern California and now live in Wenatchee. Just got back from visiting family in the LA area. What a rat race, would never move back. Just wish the weather in WA was like So Cals.

I wanna go!!

Check out www.oohva.org, then look for the Oregon Back Country byway. Some data and a map.

Keep me posted as well, this is defininitly a must do as some point in my life. Do the bikes need to be street legal in anyway. Who knows the answer to this???

Yes, they must be street legal.

Forgive me if I am wrong but from what I understand for the backcountry bi-way, if you have a headlight and a tail light you are legal enough. Perhaps someone can answer this. I hear you don't need to have license plates or turn signals. Again can someone clarify this?????

Adventure! I love it! Please add me to the list.



Was in the greater LA area last week. Got to admit, was raised in the area, but I would classify riding through that are now as a "real adventure"....shheeessshhh!! What a friggin zoo, drive bys, traffic like it's parked in a lot...Don't miss the rat race at all!!


I totally agree with you about LA!. Fortunately, my job takes me away a total of 6-8 months each year. When I'm home in LA, it just hang out with mom, pop, bro, and sis. We'll close personally and geographically. Outside our quiet neighborhood, we don't pay much attention.

I envy some of the open country and people I visit working, but family and corporate base keeps me in LA.

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