The BRP in Hawaii again....

Its been awhile since I took the BRP for a good DS ride. Wet, muddy, slime was the order of the day. This seems to be the norm nowadays. I'm shipping this bike to my vacation house so I want to get some miles on it before it goes. Here's how the day went...

Here Yamafreek and Puinsai_5 warm up by fluming it...


It was funny watching them try to get out of it. Very slimey and multiple tries later Duane goes to help...

Very entertaining!


Duane in Kahuku. After this it got really muddy in some trails and we all paid taxes getting to the other side...


Neil got deflected by those roots right off the trail. We had a good laugh. :cry:


Yamafreek shows you how to loose some mud...


We stopped for gas and some food along with some Harley guys. Looking at them I'm thinking, "Now what are you guys gonna do?" We're hitting the beach!


The Freek on the Reef


P_5 on the gnarly reef


This is right after Yamafreek got hit by a wave at speed and augered like a submarine! :cry: He was actually gone for awhile. Complete bike drowning. :cry::lol: :lol:


After he un-drowned it we got him to higher ground. It started after ahwile... :lol:


It was another great day of Church. I think the mainland guys are happy we didn't take them on this ride. It was brutal in some places as we ALL paid some taxes... :cry::lol::cry:

Awesome pics...again--Some poor sap is gonna buy that xt one day.

Excellent riding! Was in Maui this past August and saw a couple a XR650Ls, but no trial to speak of. Glad to see riding pictures. Makes me want to return again soon. :cry:

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