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some insight into my 05 suspension

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got into the supension on my 05 this weekend (after one ride)and figured i'd post a few observations.

i am impressed how good the suspension and handling of this bike is right out of the crate. once the track got rough though it was typical stock suspension (a little harsh over the braking bumps and bottomed easy).

first of all getting the shock out is very easy, no need to even remove the subframe! remove the seat, right number plate and the muffler, unbolt the shock and it can be removed through the side of the bike.

sweet 😢

i am a big believer in changing your suspension fluid after the first ride and that was reinforced once again.

one of my forks had 375 cc's of oil and the other had about 200!! wow, huge difference.

i also found two metal shavings that were about the size of half a grain of rice; in one fork and in the shock. there is no way these came from me grinding off the peeining (installing gold valves), these either got in during manufacturing or broke off from somewhere in the first ride. doesn't matter to me now as everything looks good and the shavings are gone.

while is was in there of course i lubed the linkage, swing arm pivot, steering bearing and rear brake pedal. she is dialed now.

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