Just bought a 04 wr 450f, and have a few questions?

Hey i was planning on getting the wr 250f and test drove it then decided it didnt have the power i wnated so i tried the 450 and loved it i just wanted some advice on how to keep the bike in its best condition, do could u guys tell me what u do to keep the bike in good shape. thanks

One point to pay attention to is the correct chain tension.

Too tight and you'll loosen up your sprocket bolts and risk

breaking the rear hub. Check the manual and follow the directions.

Depending on what you want out of the bike, I changed the springs at both ends. I was unsure about what to expect. It really made the bike behave better and I could focus more on riding and less on what the bike was going to do.

Get oil filters online, get a magnetic oil plug, and change the oil every 200 miles.

Get oil filters online for sure and change oil often 150 - 200 miles. The suspension is great I haven't had to do any mods, just play with the comp/rebound clickers and raised the oil level in forks. The only thing I've had to do to the bike was the Free mods and invested in Skid plates, frame gaurds, and most important RADIATOR Gaurds. The biggest problem I've had with the bike brand new was the E button poping out of the switch when the bike was dropped. I bought 2 switchs and was fed up with the $35 bill every time I could not find the button and spring inside. I bought a aftermarket kill switch that was suggested on this forum and that is no longer a concern. It really is a great bike just start and go, ocasionally stop, wait, and laugh at the Red and Orange bike riders to either start or fix their bikes. :cry:

Where is the best place to buy oil filters online?...and what is the best oil to use? I'm new to the 450 as well. Rode it for the first time yesterday and love it.

Call the TT store great service. I use Mobil 1 15W50 RED cap.

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