OT- need help with vintage Suzuki

I'm right in the middle of going through my dad's 1985 Suzuki DR 250. I wanted to check/adjust the valves before I put the motor back in the frame, but hit a snag. The engine is a SOHC design with tappets for each of the 4 valves. I found a clearance spec, but to get that clearance I had to back the adjusters WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out from where they were, which doesn't seem right. I'm thinking that the valve sits below the top of the spring, and that's why I had to back the adjuster out so dang far to get the "proper" clearance. Does anyone have any suggestions???

Are you sure you were on the compression stroke when you checked the valves? If you had it between the exhaust / intake strokes, then there is some overlap which will make the valves tighter. Not trying to imply that you don't know what you're doing, just something to check.

How did it run before you checked the valves? If they've never been adjusted before, it could literally been that tight? Have you tried to start it since you adjusted them?

I'm 90% sure I was TDC on the compression stroke when I checked the valves, but it's hard to do by yourself with the motor out of the frame sitting on a bike stand :cry: The bike ran OK before I started this project, but it was a cold blooded snake, and I know that nobody has checked or adjusted the valves for at LEAST 10 years, probably more. No, I haven't been able to start it because I need to (1) re-set the adjuster on the 1 valve I moved, (2) get the bike partially assembled again, and (3) mount up the new custom exhaust before I can start it.

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