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DRZ400E Results JD kit

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I recently installed a JD kit in my sons crf250X and was very happy with the results. Just now got around to installing one in my 02 DRZ 400E and again the sea level to 3000' settings were spot on, much better response and better power throughout. Not as much of a difference over stock as was the 250X because of it starting out so much leaner, but am very happy with the results. I was skeptical about purchasing a 70 dollar kit to do what I thought was 20 bucks worth of parts, but when you get a kit with enough parts to cover different elevations and conditions and a detailed instruction sheet that when installed per instructions makes the bike run spot on the first time (two times in a row for me!) its well worth it. Great product , Bravo JD 😢 Mike in Modesto

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