Checking Valves

I need to check my valve clearances, but I have never done anything like this. How hard is it and does anyone have a good write up on it with maybe some fotos. What would you say it is on a scale of 1-10 ( air filter being a 1 and an oil change being a 3). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well, if an oil change is a 3, you might have a problem. :cry: just kidding

Checking them is like a 5 or so. Actually adjusting them is more complicated because you have to remove the cam(s) in ordere to adjust the valve or valves under it. It ain't as tough as it looks.

Here's the link to Rick Kenle's write-up.

Helps to use a good manual, and be careful. IMO, the most critical part is retorquing the cam caps, if you remove them. Do this part carefully.

That is pretty good, I was hoping for something a little more detailed, like when he did the write up on greasing the linkage. But that is still a good reference point.

mmbasa, I just recently did my first engine work of any kind by replacing my timing chain on my yz400 (which involves taking the cams out, etc.). The job went fine, and really isn't very hard. Follow the manual and just be sure to lube up your cams and their saddles (the cradles the cams sit in).

You'll be fine, but do you really think you need to check your valves already? Aren't you riding an '05?

I had never checked my valves in the 3 years I've owned my bike (probably not preferable but..) and when I did check they were in spec. Maybe there's greater chance of them becoming out of spec after break-in, I don't know.

Have fun and if you adjust don't drop your timing chain or cam clips down into the engine. :cry:

Yeah, I do have the 05 but everything I see says to check the clearances, so I thought I should.

The Yamaha is the easiest bike to check. Here are the steps.

1. Try to start the bike. If it starts 1st, 2nd, or 3rd kick your good. If not go to step 2.

2. Go see the Honda board. They know how to adjust valves.

mmbasa check out motoman's website. He has a write up on checking and shimming valves:

Click on the "Tech Articles" link and under the engine section you should see the links.

Where did you read/see "everything says to check the clearances". If a bunch of TT members think you should do it; I guess you probably should. Also if you don't have a manual yet, go buy one. The fifty dollars for the manual is not much compared to the cost of your new bike and is well worth it to make sure you use proper torque levels and do everything properly.

Be nice, Gonz! :cry::cry:

If your even half ass mechanically inclined you can do it. I checked mine the other day and I had one intake out of spec on the tight side. Of course the local stealership didn't have one shim of any kind in stock so I order some from for the next valve check. Since I'm planning on riding this weekend I just got some 220 grit sandpaper and took the 186 down to a 182. If I can do it anyone can. :cry:

Well it's true. How many times have you had to actually adjust your valves on a Yamaha? I have honda friends on their third motor.

I bought an 04 YZ450 today, but my present bike is an 03 WR250 which I race and ride hard. Ive done over 3000km and the shims still dont need doing. I reckon there is no way a 450 would need doing inside 4-5000km if you look after your air filters and change your oil regularly (every race day or every 2nd good trail ride. This is one of the deciding factors to go to the 450.

Well it's true. How many times have you had to actually adjust your valves on a Yamaha? I have honda friends on their third motor.

Well, actually, my '03 is STILL in spec, and I just did the first ever valve adjust on my '01 YZ250F late last year.

But we mustn't mistreat those who have chosen poorly. :cry:


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