Trade my Big Gun race for a quieter exhaust?

My Big Gun Race is near perfect but it is so stinkin' loud. Maybe for a White bros e-series or something similar?

mitch :cry: :cry:

They make a silencer addition you can add to it to really quiet it down. Check their web site. If I remember correctly it's like $30.00.

I would love to get a Yoshi for it like the DR's.

I had a Big Gun race series full system on my 650R for about a year, until it fell apart. I didn't like the lame, flat power output or the extreme noise.

The following setup is what I use and provides far more power and less noise, being a deeper, less annoying tone. The setup I use is: 1)stock headers 2)remove stock exhaust tip 3)run rich jetting (180 jet for under 1000', B3E competition needle in 3rd position), 4) 40mm intake boot 5) intake snorkel and baffle plate removed 6)drill numerous holes in the airbox/sideplate for better flow, and finally 7) Run a fuel mixture of 60/40, 70/30, or 80/20 Avgas 100LL to Super Unleaded.

Do all that, and the bike will be fast.

So what is the best "quiet" setup? I am looking for something that will pass the 96db test, but I would really hate to sacrifice power. I want to put a 90 degree downspout on my HRC tip, but that stock muffler is just too huge and heavy for me to leave on the bike and feel good about long term.

I am right there with ya...

Stock pipe is the best for our bike.

Even my Dakar bike with the 680 motor is going over with the stock pipe.

All aftermarket pipes are either to loud or make less power than the stocker.

Put the stock core in for USFS rides, take it our for Baja races.

Nice and quiet-when ya need to be stealthy. Will last 300 years. Great performance when ya need to race it.

Weight difference is only 3-4 pounds...nothing on a 300bl bike!

I would gladly trade my big gun for a stock muffler.

You would trade? Why? I have heard so many people talk about the stock pipe that I put mine (w/ HRC tip) back on after I have run the Big Gun Race pipe and header since I bought the bike (bought used and came on it). The only advantage with the stock was a little quieter! It felt very limiting though and since I was used to the Big-Gun I felt restricted! With the Edelbrock Carb I got the low end punch that you get with the stock on the Big Gun and can pull front wheel in 1-3 gear. Maybe a little more with stock but barely noticeable!

As far as quality. I just repacked my Big-gun and only had to replace one allen bolt that I 4 years of use! I had no trouble removing or reinstalling it. It fits and flows like a dream!

Receintly I also went to 13/50 for my woods riding and people say that the mid-upper-end gain in the big gun doesn't help the woods and what you loose in the low-end makes it bad for tight woods! All I got to say is that’s rubbish!...I believed it until I put the stock back on to try for myself and with my setup the gearing is right where I need the mid-range-upper that you benefit from big-gun! I'm even considering going to 13/48 b/c it’s too low!

As far as comparison to other pipes say what you will b/c I haven't tried others but I'm talking about comparison to the Stock pipe. (w/ HRC tip). My bike performs like what others say theirs does with other pipes so chose base on sound and quality...

Big-Gun Race: SOUND --> loud, QUALITY --> Excellent!

Stock (w/ HRC tip) compared to Big-Gun: SOUND --> quieter, QUALITY --> good (it’s a Honda, but heavy and restrictive)

I'll keep my Stock one for emergencies but I'd certainly run the Big-Gun over it any day on any terrain...Its designed for open high-RPM runs but I got mine outperforming the stock in Low-Mid RPM Tight Woods! so It’s a keeper in my book

I'm opinionated, maybe, but I'm also right! :cry:


IF you knock Big-Gun :cry:

I just installed a WB R4 on mine. I really don't think I made any performance gains over the stock exhaust with the HRC tip. The R4 is lighter and has a better sound (not really louder).

I have only had the bike a short while. Maybe i should to ride it for awhile first.

My Big Gun didnt last one season. It was a design made for moto-cross---not the high miles the BRP does.

Mine rattled apart at the inadequate can, and the blow by at the mid pipe/tail intersection was ridiculous.

I called Big Gun 3 times trying to get help. I even recommended they put a clamp and cut grooves at the mid/tail

fit. They said it wasnt necessary. Then 6 months later they started doing exactly that!

I ended up putting epoxy over the rear can holes, and buying an exhaust pipe expander at Ocean Freight to ream the OD of the mid pipe for a tighter fit.

The pipe still managed to rattle apart. I must have re-packed it 6 times...and when i pointed out to Big Gun that the can was rattling apart they blamed it on me not re-packing it!

Thats when i shelved it. Its a piece of junk. Every serious Baja racer i know says the same thing. It wasnt designed for our bike--it was just adapted from the MX world...and the cheesy little 'quiet core' is such a band aid.

I suspect guys who have had success with the Big Gun (i did initially) just havent put that many miles on it. Give it some will fail on ya!

Anyone want a used Big Gun? $50 plus shipping and its yours. Ugly springs and all.

Next i tried racing with a ripped apart at the can weld half way into a Baja 1000.

I watched the 'Sisters pipe catch fire, the Moriwaki fail the 96dcb test, the PC Ti header transfer too much heat (and add no performance gain), etc., etc.

The only pipe i have raced with that actually outperformed the stocker was the Barnumspro unit. And really that was on a built engine that needed to breath...But that pipe has been back ordered forever.

So what to do? I know we have been thru this pipe thing before--i have typed almost identical responses 3-4 times in the last couple years on here...but still... No One Makes a Pipe for our Bike!

Rob--hurry up!

I'm going to hang on to my stock exhaust just in case the R4 falls apart.

I just don't get it ... all the magazine pipe tests indicate aftermarket pipes gain maybe a horsepower (or less), lessee, a 500+ pound bike/rider combo, and about 40HP, that figures to 13 pounds per HP ... so, if I cut back on my Big Macs and supersized fries ... I can gain at least a few equivalent HP, and save lotsa $$$, even after paying Ronald McD up front .... its simple math

I guess it all depends on where you ride...A woods bike is really worked if it sees 1000 miles in a year and it certainly doesn't see the consitant RPM's and MAYBE not the vibrations that a Baja rider sees.

I don't ride desert so I won't do any more comparisons than that.

I can't complain about the big-gun at all...I didn't buy came on the bike but was only a month old. But If I have to decide in the future I will consider it again but will also consider the other options and prices of others. For now I'm glad I have it over the stock is my main point!

Everyone knows that every job has a specific tool...if you don't use the tool for what its designed won't work right. I guess I found what the Big-Gun was designed for and it works flawlessly and is an improvement the way I use it! (It does well compaired to other bikes with other exhaust in the woods also but I'll stick to the comparison against stock!)


I run the FMF Q and I'm happy with it so far,no problems,not to noisy,great pipe IMO.........

Frankstr, how would you compare the power and noise of the Q to the stock with the HRC tip?

I had the FMF Q on my 650R and I took it off and put the stock pipe with the HRC insert back on. The stock pipes fit was much better for one thing and the power was better as well. The FMF was about the same on the top end but it choked it up on the bottom. It was quieter then the HRC however but I didn't like what it did to the power band.

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