WR 426 Super Moto

Hi all,

Thanks for all you help so far....BUT..

I am looking at getting some road wheels for a WR426.. question: has anybody done this and whats involved, or is it just cheaper to buy the Excel/Talon hubs...

Thanks again in advance.

I'm curious as well. Here's a bump.

For a new set of talon hubs/excel rims with 2discs and caliper bracket expect £800 today,you will also need to supply the tubes`n`tyres,so a second hand set may be worth a look?,but i can vouch for talon engineerings super moto wheels they are superb :cry:

Some people have said that ktm wheels will bolt up with some minor machining of spacers, and their supermoto wheels are fairly cheap. I have just bought set of ktm MX wheels for my WR and it's looking like it will work. The rear spacers just need to be bored out 2mm and one side shaved down. Zip-ty will sell a 240mm disc for the rear ktm hub. On the front, the 260mm disc is a little too big, so i'm either going to get a caliper spacer and put a 260mm disc on my stock wheels, or get a new disc and machine it down to 250mm. However, if you are going to SM it, then the front disc shouldnt be a problem. The front looks like it doesnt need any spacers made, just use the wr spacer on the disc side and the ktm spacer on the other side. This all remains to be proven, but i will write it all up when i finish, should be in the next week or so...

Mousemeat - did you get it all to fit? I'd be interested to know how you got on.



Still working on it. Front is easy aside from the fact that you need a new caliper bracket to accomodate the front disk. You use the WR spacer on the speedo side and the ktm spacer on the disc side. I think the ktm spacer is going to need about half a mm taken off, but my disk is a bit wobbly, so your mileage may vary.

On the rear i just reamed the spacers today to 22mm and will fit them up tonight so i can more accurately gauge how they will fit and how much needs to be machined off. I have fitted a rear disk off a 950 Adventure KTM and it looks ok. Its 5mm thick as opposed to the WR or EXC of 4mm. The disc and spacer are 4mm farther apart on the ktm wheel than the wr wheel. We'll see how it goes.

Mousemeat - what condition are your KTM wheels in? What year? And is it an 18" rear? I'm actually interested in your post because I'm doing the opposite - ie WR to KTM - and it might be easier to think about a swap......

Mine are nearly new, off an '04 WR250F. I work in Richmond, Surrey. Any thoughts?

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