04 450 triple clamps

A few questions about triple clamps. I am trying to get soem when in the USA next week.

1. What does the "wrap style" clamp mean and what is the alternative?

2. I have 46mm forks on the 450 04 model according to the spec, BUT the diameter of the hole in the clamps is far greater than that! What does the 46mm relate to, an internal valve diameter?

Is there much benefit in fitting just a top clamp, ie for different, adjustable bars etc, or should I get a compelt top and bottom set?

I presume buying a clamp set for the 03 YZ 450 will be the same a buyin for the 04 WR 450? Somene said the clamp bolys are in a diff position on the YZs, so as not to be obscured by the headlight. ID this so, and if it is, is it just less convenient to fit them to the WR, or can they litterally not fit?

I am interested in some hurricane clamps maybe? Anyone know if these are available for the wr450 04 model? Where from??

I know some of these q's have been asked before, but I have not found 100% lear answers on these issues up to now. All help greatly appreciated. :cry:

i run the hurricane clamp and really love it,its about as strong a clamp as i've seen and it actually does what it claims. i run the softest bushings (yellow) and tried the stiffer ones (orange) and the yellow definatly works better ,i thought the soft would be mushy but its not. you can really tell they are workin in narly high speed bumps(especially under braking)nice people to deal with,and yes you will have to use 03 yz clamps,and yes you can get all the stuff back on with some slight bracket mods.the website is www.hurricanemctech.com :cry:

46mm is the spec for the outter diameter of the fork leg, not the fork assembly. I believe in 2004 they switched to a 48 mm at least on the yz250f-yz450f. With USD forks, the diameter of the clamp will be that of the outter assembly.



Spoke to Denis at Hurricane yesterday, and will order a clamp today hopefully, to be delivered to me when I am in Boston!

So the diameter is of the tubes...! Ah,all makes sense now!!

Great, cheers all

The "Wrap" clamp sounds like the one Applied Racing sells. The bolts are in a different location (big deal) than the "normal" clamp.

The wrap does move the bars a bit foreward vs the other model. I believe it was 5mm. It is worth paying extra for. The bike is much more comfortable. The wrap model also has the mounting holes for the stock odometer if that is important to you. I would not bother replacing th elower clamp unless you cannot stand the look of the stock clamp. Most aftermarket clamps are heavier and dont do anything special for the bike.

I've got the WRAP clamps on my 04 and the bolts fit through the brackets without any mod. I only had to make a bracket for the odo on the right side and bolted the center brackets together with a nut bolt.

Cheers all, I think I am plumping for the RG3 top clamp with Pastrana hi rise fat bars!

The hurricane looks nice but looks more bulky than the rg3. Will order tomorrow!! :cry:

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