valve train life

i have heard in the past, that when you stored a 4-stroke, you should do so with the piston at TDC. reason being that the valve springs are not compressed, therefore they will hold up better over the long run as far as seat pressure and valve train life( they wont sack out) any ideas? i'm new the four stroke thing and was curious as to what you guys think. i think i heard old timers refer to this as an old BSA trick, but not sure.

If your going to put the bike in a time capsule I might think of something like that. Just treat it like a car. It's not going to have any problems. I think the fuel would be a bigger consideration. Now I did have a problem with an old Honda 90 I left out side in the rain for a couple of years. There was no mufler and the ext valve was open. The valve and seat had rusted and I lost all compression.


a good quality spring won't sack out this easilly. Being partially compressed shouldn't hurt anything. This also applies to fork springs.

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