Death Valley Ride

Has anybody ever ridden in Death Valley?

I go twice a year to explore the back country of DV and the Panamint mountain range.

I'm going on a tour 11/7-11/10 in Death Valley and was thinking of going early or staying later to get a couple more days in. Anyone interested? I do 150 - 250 miles a day. 15% street so you need to be dual sported. Or if your interested take the tour with me.

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You bet, the Goller wash area is great. I dig the cabins sprinkled around that are all set up for overnighters too... Let me check my calender, I've been hankering for a Death Valley trip lately.

Ride on...

Doing death valley 10/25-10/27. Leaving from las vegas and staying at stagecoach inn in beatty,nv. Rooms $35 a night for two queen beds, 24 hour restaurant, bar, gambling, pool and jacuzzi. We have roll charts for different routes but always add a couple side trails not included on the charts. Total miles for last few trips have been around 700 miles for the three days. Couple other thumpertalk members going such as foobarr. Anything technial, steep or just plain interesting will get a mandatory stop. Resting only allowed while we lift the bike off

Noticed you mentioned panamint springs and wanted to say that i have a roll chart for ridgecrest to panamint springs and back. The return route has some side trails that are made for the riding gods. Real scarey, steep, switchback, lord please dont let me die goat trails with a half dozen water falls tossed in to make you

Sound like I should hook up with you. I base camp at Panamint and ride loops from there. I also camp at the camp grounds by Scotty's castle. I only volunteered to sweep for this DV ride because it's hard to find buddies to go with. I found a good map with GPS markings on it at Scotty's castle. We don't use roll charts just the GPS. The longest loop was 261 miles. I must have loged 2500 miles in that area. Have you ever been to crank shaft juction? I have a ton of pictures of DV if your interested. Love that place. This will be the first time with the 650. The last two times I rode the DRZ and before that was the XR600.

hey i'm new to this kind of riding, mostly been to the desert around barstow and we would do 15 to 20 mile rides, come back to camp rest have a soda and go out again, I can't imagin a hundred mile ride, were do you gas up and i better hit the gym for some endurance traing but sounds like a good time!! maybe next yeat i will have that kind of endurance!!

It's not as bad as it sounds, It's all fast open desert. Just a lot of rocks and sand. We travel on Jeep roads and 4x4 trails. It's a state park so you can't go real off roading. In most cases it's too rocky to drive off the dirt roads anyway.

There are some really cool places to ride to. Titus canyon is a must, gold mines, ghost towns, mountain peeks. It's all good.

You need to be able to ride 120 miles at a time. There isn't very many gas stations around. I have a 4.3 gal tank for the XR and a 4.2 for the DRZ. We have even carried a 1 gal jug just for good luck when we did a 150 mile loop with 160 mile range on the DRZ. Just don't make a wrong turn.


Sounds like alot of fun! We ride mainly desert - near Landers.

Keep us posted for next year - as we should have our desert tanks & dual sport kits by then!

That does sound cool, post agian for next year I sighned up for the gym to get in shape and a desert tank is easy. have fun this year and will see you out their next year!!

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