Just got an 05 wr450.

The dealer did the throlle stop mod for me. Does anyone know if the "greywire" and other mods apply to the 05 model.The 05 is green stickered, as a result it has an air injector. Is that easy to remove and is there any benefit?

I am sure it has the famous gray wire. I think the California models have the fresh air into the exhaust and I dont think it will rob to much power. You may want to leave that mod for later. :cry:

Does anyone know if the "greywire" and other mods apply to the 05 model.

The gray wire mod still applies and it's located in the 6 wire connector. I did mine last night...took about 30 minutes. Someone who knows what they're doing could probably do it in 10.

just got mine yesterday..and the dealer (been around for 30+years with same head mechanic) did the throttle stop but said that there is no gray wire issue for the 05...although, he was in a hurry and helping someone else when i asked, so maybe he didn't hear me correctly...i asked, if there would be any benefit to removing the air injector...and he kind of grimassed (sp?) and shook his head...I will see soon and if its at least as fast as my 99 wr400 I will be plenty pleased. however, if it is anyting like my old XR600 then I will want more power. I think I will leave it alone for now and just enjoy a lighter, hopefully faster , and narrower WR.

Give us a report.....how does it ride? That's cool that the dealer did the mod. Did he actually cut it down, or replace it with the YZ part? Just curious.....

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