Is there any weight difference in stock flywheel from (03)to (04) yz450f ???

i believe the 04 is a little heavier.

To the best of my knowledge, the '04 flywheel is basically the '03 GYT-R flywheel, which is 5oz heavier. That doesn't sound like a lot, but since it is a ring weight welded over the flywheel, all of that extra weight is added to the outside diameter of the flywheel where it is the most effective. Dubach Racing (Dr.D)makes theirs this way. They make a 4, 6, and eight ounce weighted flywheels and the '04 falls between the two lighter ones. Makes a positive difference.

i have an 03 with a 8oz GYT-R flywheel

it makes the power sooooo much smother ,but does not totally take away form the power (snap)we all like :cry:

it makes it smother on jump faces and wont stall as easy and easier to start

is it hard to change a flywheel on a dirt bike ? and so heavyer smoothens the power out a little?

I have an 04 yz450 and it has an 8 oz flywheel weight. The weight helps the motor to accelerate slower, making the power more tractable. Some riders feel that the 03 yz had too huge a hit and this makes it more manageable. I rode an 03 without one first and then with an 8oz weight, and it made a substantial difference. Still had sinus clearing acceleration in grippy conditions, but very fun and rideable.

-scooter :cry:

yeah my 04 has a poop load of power it was hard getting used to but i like it its a big difference fomr my neighbors crf450

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