Suspension set up for wood riding?

I just finished putting new springs in the forks of my 02 WR426 and after the first ride decided they were really stiff for the trails but worked great on jumps. I would like to soften the suspension a little but do not want to soften it to much so that it bottoms alot of jumps. Im not really sure how to adjust the forks and would appriciate some help. The rear shock is also a heavier weight spring and it feels like some times it is trying to buck me off. Not so much on jumps but usally when riding fast on trials and going over small bumbs. I basiclly want to make hte suspension a comprimise i still want it to be stiff enought to take small jumps (less then 5 ft in the air) but also be able to ride aggresivley on trails and not be beat to death by a rock hard suspensions. BTW IM 6'4" and 265 in case that helps

Check out the suspension forum, there is some good stuff there.

Are you still bottoming the suspension occasionally? If you aren't bottoming the suspension at least maybe once a ride, then you aren't utilizing all the available travel. Try backing out on the compression damping front and rear until you are bottoming once or twice a ride. Then, you'll have to find someone smarter than me to help you set up the rebound! :cry:

By the way, I just got my suspension back from the local guru, who revalved both front and rear. What a difference! The bike tracks straighter, and takes the sharp bumps (rocks and roots) with much less upset to the bike than before. It is definitely more confidence inspiring, and immediately allowed me to ride the same speeds with less effort, and will ultimately allow me to go faster I am sure. Find someone that know's their stuff in your area, this is money well spent! :cry:

do you not know what rate the back spring is? .46 in the front is still too soft for your weight,i'm thinkin you may have oversprung the rear compared to the front :cry: try backing off the spring pre-load in the rear(even if it throws your sag out) and see if that balances the bike if it does then you your bias is out and you need to either put stiffer front or softer rear. and if you have the $$ revalve is always nice(after you get the springs straight) the settings for softer= out on compression and in on rebound :cry:

Try this:

FRONT: TOP: 1 click in BOTTOM: 4 clicks in


BOTTOM: 2 in

I think this works the best for me with lots of futzin' and I am at 240#'s + beer and tools.

It doesn't pogo and keeps the tires on the ground as much as possible. :cry:

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