To Grease Or Not To Grease?

OK...Here's a question for you Riders Of The Great Red Pig. Do you grease or not grease the rim of your filter? I ride in the So. Cal. Dez. and wasn't greasing, inside of the airbox was fine. Then I had the first 600 mile service done at my dealer and they greased it. The airbox was still fine inside but now there was severe dirt spooge all along the rim of the air box. I am again running W/O grease and all seems well. Also running No Toil. Wow, what a difference cleaning filters is with No Toil. I liike it a lot! Any input or comments?

I never greased the air box but do the air filter rim. Now the XR650 is new and is different from the other bikes I have. I use No Toil too and might start greasing the air box because of the filter design. It can't hurt and no toil cleans up nice so what the heck.


No Toil is really cool. I grease mine like????? Well you get the idea. Even with a little grease I had dirt in my air boot. with heavy grease I see none.

I replaced my stock element with a Uni, but it fits funny on the XR650R, sso I put a small bend in it, and run a silicone grease around the edge of the element itself to give it a good seal.

There's nothing wrong with greasing, but I don't think it's necessary unless the metal ring and the plastic inner frame are severely mismatched or out of flat. You can get an idea of how they fit together by intalling the plastic frame without a filter element. As long as the foam is compressed a bit when you tighten down the wing nut, it should seal, grease or no grease.

Thanks for the input guys. One thing I really like about the No Toil is that once I've mixed up a batch of the cleaner in a bucket and have cleaned the filter, you can dip a rag into the solution and clean up the rim of the airbox and the inside of the side panel. Cleans up niiiiice! I'm going to get the No Toil grease and give it a whurl.

Go Pig Racer, Go!

I have a uni, I also put a little bead of grease around the bottom of the filter. I have no prob.

I don't use no toil, but it sounds good.

I think I will try some though.

I use the No-Toil and it works great! I only grease the edges of my Uni filter at the air inlet, where the black bar of the cover would be. This pluggs the filter at the air inlet to minimize the amount of dirt that can bypass the filter along that intake edge. Just my 2 cents.

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