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Jardine exhaust - almost great product, almost great service - ALMOST!

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I put a Jardine exhaust on my 03 YZ450 and was very happy with the performance improvements. I made numerous TT posts about my Jardine system - the great power, the clean design, ease of mounting, quality components.

The bracket holding the muffler hear the seat bolt broke after a couple of months. I don't remember exactly how long. It broke during a race and I didn't realize it. The resulting waving up and down bent the mid-pipe and wallowed out the head pipe. I called Jardine and they told me the early brackets were weak, they claimed to have fixed it by adding a little hump in the angle that strengthened it. They sent me a new bracket and a new mid-pipe. They had me return the head pipe; they re-rounded it and sent it back. I was happy.

The replacement bracket broke recently. It was on a regular ride day (not a race day) and friends noticed it so I stopped riding before damaging the pipe. It ruined my day.

I called Jardine. They said they would send a replacement bracket. They wanted $15. I was of the opinion it is still a defective design and thought it should be free. I almost never crash (44 years old, can't afford to) and have never bent the pipe or bracket. The mounting brackets of other exhaust systems don't break periodically. But I agreed to pay.

The new bracket showed up. It is steel instead of aluminum. It is two layers of steel welded together at the mounting hole (where the previous brackets broke) and a double layer of steel about a quarter of the way around on each side. Much beefier. Appears to be a good design; I don't think this one will break.

But it is obvious they didn't weld this one up just for me. Clearly, I'm not the only one that has experienced breakage. Their product had a defective design in the mounting bracket and they fixed it long after selling me my system. I called back and told them that. And that I didn't feel I should have to pay for the now-correctly designed bracket. They haven't returned my call.

I'm now posting to let everyone know their customer service stops about $15 short of satisfactory. The first bracket should have been designed for the stress of motocross racing. It wasn't. They replaced it with a better design. But still not good enough. The second bracket should have lasted the life of the muffler. But it broke and ruined my day.

Jardine should have replaced the bracket for free. It is pretty petty of them to charge me $15 for ruining my ride day. I've only been able to ride about once a month this year for various reasons. It was quite a bummer to have the bracket break after the 2nd short session on the track. Not to mention the $12 gate fee I had already paid. 😢

Thanks, Jardine, for an almost great product. And thanks, Jardine, for almost great customer service. But you fell a little short in both areas. I am disappointed.

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