Access to the Cleveland Nat. Forest Blocked

Question for all of the Corona area riders. I decide to make a run up into the forest yesterday via Gilbert St. As I start towards the gate I see that someone has put up their own fence, not a gate but a fence about 50' from the forestry service gate completely blocking the entrance. Does anyone know who to contact to see if this is legal? It appeared to have just been put in place within the last few days. I just rode through there last Friday. This is a major safety concern if nothing else. They even put a sign on the fence stating "Go back where you came from"! Luckily, Oak street is still open.


This would not be good i just got licens plates mostly to ride their!

Sorry to hear that, I ride from Silverado Canyon to top then over to Ortega. I am looking for a better access point from the west end of the main divide. Any suggestions? I am coming out of Newport and looking for the longest ride. Will be up there Saturday morning. Are the rangers busting green sticker bikes?

Update: I went by the USFS office in Corona to discus the fence and they stated that there are currently no closures at this time and they were going to try to determine who the responsible party is. The fence that was put up is at Eagle trail off of Gilbert road. The USFS also assured that the fence would be coming down since it is blocking fire road access. I guess we'll see how it goes from here.


The farthest west that you can access Main Divide is from Corona. You can still enter off of Sky Line via Oak Street. I see guys with Green stickers up there from time to time and have rarely seen Rangers.


Always looking for people to ride with. My bud just bailed out on my Saurday

morning ride. I am going up Black Star canyon at base of Silverado up to the

top Saddleback over to Ortega Hwy then back. I think about 60 miles round

trip. Let me know? Dont like riding back there alone, not smart. Otherwise

putting my motard wheels on and going to Malibu canyon.

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