04 OR 05 ??? $ 500.00 difference

I can get the 04 for $500.00 less.

Also, is there a way that i can put a headlight on the YZ ?

I already have a WR 450 F. So that is one reply we can leave out.

Thank You

Go with the 05, it has better suspension out of the box.

I agree. The smoother power and upgraded suspension is definately worth every bit of $500

If you sell it in a couple of years, the one year difference in value could be close to the $500 price difference, meaning that you would get the newer bike with the upgrades for effectively the same price as the older one.

The 05 also has the Honda Style brake hose.

Go for the 05!!!!

05 :cry:

without a doubt, go with the '05. I have not ridden either but the suspension on the '05 is suppossed to be much improved. As for the power some like the more abrupt power response of the '04, but I'm sure the '05 rips hard too.

Go with the '05, I wish I could! :cry:

Definitely go with the '05. I have an '03, and have ridden both '04 and '05. The '05 out of the box is easier to handle, suspension is way better and the throttle response is so much more predictable and smooth, that it alone is worth $500.

I bought an 04 YZ450 today, but there was about $2300 difference. If it was less than a $1000 definitely go the 05 cause you will recoup on resale anyway.


Ordered the 05 today. $ 8400.00 cash OTD. :cry:

congratulations! :cry:

hey newf, you don't live on fort mac by any chance do you?btw congrats on the new ride.

I guess my thinking is a little different than most,I just bought my son a 04 for 4800.00 otd.Now if it would have been mine then i prob would have got an 05 because i tend to take better care of them and therefor can get something for it when we sell!Him on the other hand is hard on bike and we only replace them every 3 or 4 years!So thinking i wont get a lot for it in the end i opted to save the $$$$ up front!!!A 05 around here is about 5900.00 otd 1100.00 difference!!!!PAY ME NOW OR PAY ME LATER but u will pay!! :cry:

Some people like the low end snap the '03/'04 had better than the way the '05 runs, but nobody doesn't like the '05 suspension.

I'm sure that you could make the '05 run exactly like the '04 for less time and money than you would spend trying to make the '04 suspension work like the '05.

Get the '05 :cry:

I am riding an 05 this weekend...i will chime and let you know what I think. I currently ride an 02 426, have ridden 03-04 450's. from what I hear from people around here the 05 is very well balanced machine and the power is "Honda like". Not sure if I will like that or not as I have riden CRFs and thought they "felt" slow. I always liked the kick in the seat of the pants......guess because of 2-strokes.

I'm looking at a 04 for $4900 OTD. It's going to be strictly for the track. I will use the 650 for everything else. I'm 6'2" 275 lbs. I will have to re-do the suspension on whatever I get. I was looking at getting a 05 crf450 but for $1000 I think I would be happy with the 04 yz. If it came down to the 05's I would go with the Honda. Do you think I would be happy with the 04 yz for the money? I rode a buddys 05 crf yesterday and it is sweet. I have ridden a 426 and liked it also. I'm not a big air jumper but I just want something made for mx as a second bike. So what do ya'll think?

Satch ride an 05 CRF. I think the motor engineers between the two companies switched companies. The 05 CRF450 feels like an 03 YZ450 motor stuffed into a CRF250. It hits like my 2-stroke but real torquey so it breaks the wheel loose. I didnt like the motor.

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