My best friend has a 450 YZ (2003). It appears there is an oil leak at the countershaft seal. It looks like a double nut setup on the sprocket and I tried to take the sprocket off but the nut won't budge. Any tricks to this? I don't have a manual on this bike so I am looking for help.

Thanks :cry:

There is only one nut. I'm sure you did but did you bend the lock washer away from the nut. I use an air impact to take mine off but don't remember if it is a backward thread or not.

it'll be easier if you leave the chain on and have somebody hold the rear brake while you hit it with an impact wrench,it should be standard threads,"righty tighty,lefty loosey" :cry:

When I change mine i usaly sit on the bike and hold the back brake whie using a breaker bar to bust loose all though air ia a lot nicer when your gearing at the track somtimes you dont have acess to a compressor.

yep rear brake dude.

impact wrench/air assist helps.

When using impact wrenches, air or electric, DO NOT "hold" the sprocket by placing the transmission in gear. The battering the gearbox will take will not be beneficial.

I can usually just grab it with a rag in hand and run the nut off or on that way, but a rag and a big pair of pliers, or the chain and brake method are OK too.

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