Tuesday November 16th Pittsfield Massachusetts Ride

Just wanted to give a shout out to all the pigs in the area. Tuesday, November 16th, 9:am at the Balance Rock parking area, Pittsfield State Forest. Best thing about going on a Tuesday.....no other traffic....no 4-wheelers!

Are the guys from Maine hitting Pittsfield up too? Gonna be cold up there. I rode there on Saturday with InChanWeTrust. Had a good time. I'll look into the 16.

Any and all are welcome. I will post the same message on the yahoo board. It would be a long ride from Maine, though. 6hrs.

Just show up, Tim.

I'd love to show up, but what's with the Tuesday rides? I guess if your schedule fits then that's cool. That's tough for me. I've got some vacation time left though. I'll work something out....

I was ready to post a Saturday ride, but all my buddies wanted to do the Tuesday thing again. It actually works out better for me with my wifes work schedule. And like I said, no trail traffic. Plus, riding is even more fun when you should be at work.

I thought of a name for the ride. How about the first annual "Hog Frost".

I'm getting excited!!! I will definately try and make it... I have never ridden with another pig since, well ever!!! so I am really looking forward to riding with other BRP'S!!!

BTW, how far do you think it is from NY? how many hrs? drive?

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