In line fuel filter

I have for the most part ran an in-line fuel filter on my bikes for years. I have tried the standard size I have used for the past few years, and there isn't any room for it on my 2000 WR.

After trashing a fuel line and cussing for about 1/2 hr. I have given up.

For some reason the black electrical connector on the left hand side of the carb blocks the fuel filter from setting properly. I have been able to connect it but due to its positioning it crimps the hose and won't let any fuel through the line.

Has anyone had success getting an in-line fuel filter to fit on these bikes and work?.

If yes what brand and where did you get it from.


This is easy, just put an IMS tank YZ seat combo on the WR and you get an aditional 12" of fuel line to install a filter. An additional benefit is you can get forward on the bike to make it turn.


I use the tiny K&N filters on my '00 WR with a stock YZ tank. Works fine. Cut the fuel line in the middle and splice in the filter. You will need to remove a small portion of the fuel line to make up for the extra space required. Perhaps this is why it's interfering on the TPS connector?

I can send you a picture, offline upon request. Just send me an email.

Olson, I guess I forgot to mention that I have already installed a stock 2001 YZ seat and tank on my bike.

Mcarp, I will e-mail you and would love to see your set-up for the filter.


the K&N filters are the way to go, get the clear one and you can visually see when if needs to be changed. Great for making sure that the line is empty before that plug fouling haul trailer haul (Fuel Line On) to the riding area.


I sent you an email with the pic..

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