01 426 - What can I expect if I drop a tooth on the front sprocket?

I seem to be "in between" gears when I am trail riding my 01 426 (mine is currently stock). How noticeable will the gearing be if I drop a tooth in the front sprocket. I would really love to hear first hand experience before I go out and spend the money on one.



I did the same thing to my wr400 and i have found 2nd and 3rd have become a lot more useable, and it will lift the front wheel a lot easier. But the top speed is around 60 ish mph,hope this helps.

.......More wheelies!

I found it made 2nd gear more useable in really tight trails.

Yeah try 1 tooth less at the front(they cost less and are less hassle to change!)just make sure you slacken the nut before you take the chain of(you may need to use the rear brake to stop the output shaft from turning!),and if you find 1 less at the front is to low,try going back to what you had on the front to start and add 2 to the rear size,this i think will give you slightly less of a drop in final drive ratio than just taking 1 tooth of the front,as i`m led to believe that 1 tooth change at front is the same as a 3 tooth change at rear?

Glad to hear other people have experienced it. In the tight stuff 3rd is a little to high and 2nd is a little too low. I find myself caught in the middle alot.

calculated top speed with 13/50 would be around 75mph


Sprocket is only about $15. I did this (and flywheel weight) on my WR initially to help with stalling. Auto deco cam has cured that problem...lights up as soon as I let off the brake. That combo (13 on the front) was just a little low, so I put a 49 on the rear along with the 13 and found 3rd gear to be great for all the tight stuff.

That's with the YZ450 cam though. That really makes a difference. I went with the 14/49 for a while and it was nice to have the top end, but not quite right for the tight stuff and hill climbing.

Bottom line...dropping one tooth on the front is an easy way to get 2nd and 3rd more useable IMO. :cry:

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