Oil changing procedure. (Best/Quickest/Cleanest methods)

Any ideas here guys. :cry: I'm about to change my oil for the first time on my 650R and want to know if there are any tricks to the trade before I do it tonight. Obviously take the skid plate off. But besides that any tricks I should know? :cry: Appreciate it in advance! :cry:

Well make sure you warm it up good before you do the change. Obviously drain the frame downtube immediately after turning her off. Once that's done put the plug back in the frame. Then go to the sidecase. Now you may think the sidecase oil is all gone because it's not flowing after a minute or two. This is where I lean the bike on the kickstand, off the ground and run the kickstarter down a few times using the de-compression lever(it's easier). Oil will spew out, watch your shoes. I do this about 3 times every 5 minutes just to ensure almost all the old oil is out. Plug her back up there. Then take the oil filter out and change that. Remember put it in just as it came out. There should be some marking indicators on the filter. "Towards engine, or towards filter cover". Then after you've done that put about 1 1/2 quarts in the bike. Start it up, check the oil and fill her up after each check until your 3/4's of the way up the dipstick. You'll notice that the manual is a bit off on the oil amount. I use about 1.9 quarts compared to the manulas 1.70 or so. This is becuase you've gotten most of the oil out by doing the kickstarter trick. There's alot of oil still lurking in there if you don't do that. Peace of mind for me I guess. This may not be the cleanest or quickest method, but it's the best, IMO. Have fun. :cry:

Appreciate it Tim. Wouldn't even have thought about kicking the kickstarter. That is definately the type of info I was looking for. :cry:

I tear an old cereal box open and put it between the case and the skid plate. I kind of angle the box(cardboard), so when I open the drain plug on the case, the oil doesn't drain into the skid plate and all over the floor.

ahhh, Another good one. Thanks! Don't even have to take off the skid plate then do I? Damn I love this website. :cry:

Forget the oil change..nice avatar...gotta love TT. :cry:

Love how she times the a$$ slap with the hip movement. YOU DIRTY GIRL! :cry:

One thing to consider:

After you fill it back up with oil--run it until the cover to the oil filter is hot to the touch. It will take longer than a normal 'warm up'....

Then check the level again. This is your true 'amount'.

The 650R -- like all the XR's -- really needs to be properly warmed up to get an accurate reading.

Just FYI--trouble with putting the dipstick back in is normal.

Yeah I already had that issue when I first started checking the oil :cry:

Appreciate the help. :cry:

BTW got it all done guys. Thanks for the help. Especially Tim for the kicking the kickstarter. I couldn't believe how much more oil came out. Thanks :cry: And the cereal box idead worked perfect. Only got a couple of drops on the garage floor. But that was when I took the oil filter cover off. :cry:

Anyway back to figuring out my what my spark plug being black is telling me.

How do you like getting the spark plug out? I havn't been able to get mine out yet because it's such a damn tight space. When I go to uncork I will pull the plug for the first time when I get the tank off.

Another thing that works good that was on one of the 650R sites was to cut apart an aluminum can, fold in half and then shape it with a crease in the middle. place this under the crank case bolt, open and it flows straight into your pan without getting all over the left frame.

I'm getting ready to do oil change #2 at the 130 mile mark which will be soon. I have some left over Honda HP4 for this next one and that is it for motorcycle specific oils. After researching this site among many others I think I may opt for Mobil 1 5w40 next for winter and then use the Mobil 1 15w40 in the warmer months.

Spark plug is a snap. Just go to true value or whatever your local hardward store is and buy a spark plug socket (maybe $5.00). Snaps right onto your socket wrench and it has a rubber sheath in the socket to protect the plug. Then I pull in the de-comp lever and stick a bottle of coolant (or whatever else fits) between my bark busters and the decompression lever. Makes room to get at the plug. If you don't have bark busters just tie the lever back against the bars. :cry:

I wish they made one of those funnels for the 650L I always get tons of oil in my skid plate and my skid palte is one of those that is really hard to get back on so I dont like taking it off when I change my oil. :cry: I think the next time I change it I will try the cereal box thing. :cry:

I used to kick it (my'84 XR500R) over to get a little more oil out. I was told not to because it left an air gap, or something ?, that was worse than a little used oil. I tried to find that post but couldn't. Oil's cheap so I just change it often and the residual isn't a factor.

DirtyChris is right on the money... the man funnel is the way to go!!! works wonders... but if you have an aftermarket skid plate, you have to remove that one clamp just below the crankcase drain bolt, so the funnel with stay in place! then your golden. :cry: :cry:

As for the spark plug comment... didn't you all get the spark plug tool with your bikes??? I never have any trouble getting the plug out! you may want to look into this tool...

I would really hate for one of you to be out in East B.F.E. and have to get the plug out in an emergency!!! You should all be carrying that tool with you if ur on those china rides!!! :cry:

With the plug I'm talking that I cant get a good enough grip on the plug cap to pull it off! I can't even get to the plug. Could be because my bike is new but I have gotten to the point where I want to break something out of frustration pulling on the cap. I was thinking about sticking pliers in there but don't want to squeeze to hard and damage the wire. Getting ready to uncork so I'll pull it off and on a few times to try to ensure it's a little looser.

Love how she times the a$$ slap with the hip movement. YOU DIRTY GIRL! :cry:

I prefer this ass slap...

Only posting this since we are all adults here in the 650 forum so lets keep it here!


:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :lol::cry:

Gentlemen, lets not get into a flame war--both slaps are great!

Not to get off the ass-slap topic, but put some di-electric grease on the plug when you put the cap back on. It will pop right off thereafter.

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