Oil changing procedure. (Best/Quickest/Cleanest methods)

I changed it today and made a complete mess! I drained the frame and the bolt by the shifter, pulled the clutch cover to do the clutch...pulled the oil filter cover off(thought it would be empty) oil poured out of the oil filter area all over the floor...

I tilt my bike over on the right side by using a small 2X4 approx 1ft long to prop the bike up. Place the corner of the board into the cavity where the swingarm bolt is, and it will prop the bike up like a right side kickstand. When the bike is leaned over in this fashion the oil drips straight into the pan when removing the oil filter screws, not down the engine case onto the skid-plate.

Works for me. :cry:

Good idea. :cry:

After doing all of the above...my engine takes exactly 2 liters of oil(after filling about 1 and a half liters first,kicking the engine over and then the rest)...manual says 1.6 liters....and even then its about 3 or 4 mills from top of dip stick.....bizarre or what???...

Your black plug means your fuel/air mixture is on the rich side. If the bike has plenty power and isn't hesitating or cutting out at any point then the black plug is not a problem....Richer (black plug) is safer than lean (Grayish white to tan)...

I just pull the plugs, and let the oil run wherever it wants ... the awkward way I ride, I'm just gonna go out and crash it, anyway ..... :cry:

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