hanging idle 00 426

I change the stock exhaust cam with an 03 auto decomp cam. I also change the stock fuel needle adjustment to an easy adjust fuel needle. The bike fires up after a couple kick and idles but it seems kind of rough. I have the fuel needle adjusted out 1 1/2 turns. I let it warm up and crank the throttle a couple of times and the idle seems to hang. When it comes back down it idles rough and wants to stall.

Whats the pilot jetting set at. 1 1/2 turns is the max it should be turned before changing the Pilot Jet and PAJ.

Bonzai :cry:

I am assuming it is stock, but I will have to look.

If the pilot jet is stock should I go up one size.

I know you already checked it, because you were just in there when you did the exhaust cam, but one cause of these symptoms is one or more tight intake valves.

It's possible you are sucking air through the intake boot also. Make sure you have your carb seated and snugged down. A small dab of vaseline on the boot helps also. Good luck.

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