I had the pleasure of racing against Steve Hengeveld in a short(50 mile) demo race last saturday here in Arizona.

He is one of the fastest and nicest riders/guys I have ever met. Really a class act and very helpfull. That guy can really put the miles behind him fast. I think he is only 145lbs, but he throws the 650 around like it's a trials bike. :cry:

what race? what district?

Bomb start?

Never mind whats-his-name, Henge is The Man!

what race? what district?

Bomb start?

It was an invitational race. Non-sanctioned. Only 30 riders. Live bike start.


Never mind whats-his-name, Henge is The Man!

That is exactly what I told him..... he did not disagree. :cry:

He said they will be working a new younger rider onto the team in this years 1000. I forget his name. :cry:

His name was not Wardo........I asked. :cry:

Kendal Norman

Totally--Henge is a model to the race world of how to do it.

yeah--Kendal is the hot new dude in D-37 desert racing...he has been riding a 650 now and then...but not much. Maybe waiting for the 450X?

But remember--Honda has a long history of stringing along new guys--never to do anything with them in terms of real support.

Grider (now KTM) is a great example. I hope Little Red start racing Off Road with the 450x and get a serious program going.

Whats-his-name and his boss, over-the-hill are not cutting it. Boring.

Blue and Orange, Green, Yellow have some exciting stuff going on Off Road. Honda's support in US Off Road ranks right up there with Husaberg, Gas Gas, and Vor. When was the last time a Honda WON a GNCC, WORCS, or a National H and H, etc.?

Please dont tell me about their success in Baja. Just go pre-run the current 1000 course, and at mile 63 or so note how SCORE now INCORPORATES the HONDA cheat line that cut out 20 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Andy and Chris--you WILL beat them!!!!

Ride Fred, Fried Red!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Kendall on a 250 lapping the slow guys...those rocks are BIG


Will Mike Kay be able to take that same line or is it just for Honda? :cry:

I still think we need a stir stick gremlin on this group! :cry: :cry:

Will Mike Kay be able to take that same line or is it just for Honda? :cry:

Mike Kay could take that line on this:


:cry: :cry: :cry:

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