00' 426 carb question

My Yamabog kept getting worse and worse. So, I said it's time to do the BK mod. Got the carb off the bike, cleaned it up, made sure everything is up to spec, and I can't get the accelerator pump to squirt. It squirts when the float bowl is off the carb thru the port, perfectly. The diaphragm looks good, but when I use carb cleaner and try to spray thru the corresponding hole, it doesn't work. It seems blocked. Is there any way to clean that out? Or am I missing something? Should I be able to get the accelerator pump to work on the bench?

I had the same problem. Squirt the carb cleaner backwards through that tiny hole in the AP jet, then take a rubber tipped air nozzle and hit it hard with air. Getting that rubber nozzle sealed right on that jet is key to blowing out the single grain of sand or rust from that jet. Taking the needle out makes it easier to get to that little jet.

Thanks, going out to the garage right now to give it a whirl!!!

Worked perfectly, thanks for the tip.

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