The eco nuts who have hijacked our OHV commission have made it clear they want to take money out of our OHV funds and divert it to conservation and law enforcement. They are using our own money against us from the green sticker fund and gas taxes that support the OHV program. On another note how many manufactures even have or make a exhaust system that meets 96 decibels? Most aftermarket exhaust systems are 100-106 decibels.



Here is another write up on it.


News Release

For energy efficient recreation -California

State Parks on the Internet:


September 19, 2002 (916) 651-8750

Gov. Gray Davis Signs OHV Reform

Supported by Off-Roaders, Environmentalists

SACRAMENTO - Governor Gray Davis has signed legislation that will secure appropriate

places for off-highway vehicle (OHV) users to ride, while providing better protection for the


"This is an important measure that will protect the interests of off-road enthusiasts, while

protecting the interests of California's environment," Governor Davis said.

The legislation, AB 2274, by Assembly Speaker pro tem Fred Keeley (D-Boulder Creek)

and Assemblymen Mark Wyland (R-Del Mar), drew bipartisan support in the Legislature, and

won the support of both environmental organizations and off-road recreation groups. AB 2274

represents the most sweeping reform of California’s off-highway vehicle program in its 30-year


The new law will require that a portion of gas taxes paid by owners of non-registered off-highway

vehicles be earmarked for conservation, restoration of lands damaged by off-road use

and law enforcement. It also increases funding for local law enforcement by directing 100

percent of off-highway vehicle fines and forfeitures to the county/city of origin rather than the

current even split between the state and county/city of origin.

The legislation also initiates a comprehensive strategic planning process to improve the

chances for acquisition and development of OHV recreation areas. It calls for a number of

objective studies to better understand trends in off-road vehicle recreation and the need for

development of urban, off-road sport complexes that could maximize use of already developed

areas while providing youth a closer-to-home OHV experience.

AB 2274 also brings California’s off-road noise emissions levels down from one of the worst

in the nation to one of the best, reducing the maximum decibel level standard from 101 db to 96


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