Radiator Braces

Can anyone suggest a good set of radiator braces to fit a wr450f. Something durable, but inexpensive.

Also, where is the cheapest place to purchase a replacement radiator. :cry: :cry:


They would be my choice. Brian is a TT member. Great Product. Great Service.

You can watch ebay for a used radiator, or you can send the damaged one to Mylers Radiator Repair. I think it's motorcycleradiatorrepair.com or something like that.

Mylers (http://www.motorcycleradiators.com/) turned:



into this:


for $50, and it took them 4 days from the time I put it in a box until the day I got it back.

I've got some works connection ones that i just put on and they seem pretty high quality. Gonna be testing them this weekend.

Wow that is a great repair from all that damage! :cry:

I see there are a lot of MSR radiator braces on Ebay for a $29.00 buy now price. Are they any good, or junk? :cry:

You need more than a radiator brace. The unabiker's offer full front and side protection. :cry:

I have a set of white brothers braces"works" I would let go of cheap,new never opened.PM me if intrested...



I would recommed Devol radiator guards. They hold up super well. I know because i am constantly testing them. :cry:

a set of the b&b aluminium ones will soon grace my new 450, www.bbaluminium.com to have a look

Combo of devol (weak on their own) and works connection.

Just tested this last weekend and did the job. I would

also want some bombproof crush resistance which these

only offer half way but so far have concluded this will

be a home experiment and havent found the time yet!!

I honestly can't understand why people rave about the devols.

I bent my radiator many times on a side & front impact

that I bought the works' to beef it up. If you want

to stop branches poking holes in your radiator cooling

fins, Devols are fine, however crush resistance is close to 0

without the addition of another strut a la works connection.

Those B&B equipment guards look hardcore. Front and side protection with built in front fins ....nice. Too bad I already have the works brace and devol combo or I would have just done that set-up.

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